Givenchy Les Mini Prismes for Fall 2014

Givenchy Les Mini Prismes Fall 2014

I admit it, I have a soft, mushy side for Givenchy and love, love these Givenchy Les Mini Prismes for Fall 2014! I must own this set because it combines my obsession for drawers and makeup.

There’s just something about drawers and makeup, together, that really gets me! It’s my inner Martha Stewart demanding organization!

The Givenchy Les Mini Prismes ($39) is a mini compact drawer box featuring quads for eyes, face, and cheeks.

A mini compact box that includes Givenchy makeup must-have quads for eyes, face, and cheeks, plus two applicators. Each compact box holds a pull out drawer of a quad of shades including Purple Show 71 Eyeshadow Quad, Beige Mousseline 84 powder, and Vintage Pink 22 Powder Blush.

The unique four shade quads have a soft, silky formula each of which can be applied using the mini powder brush or eyeshadow applicator that comes with the compact. The case even includes a cute mirror so it’s perfect for setting on your vanity to do your makeup!

Givenchy Les Mini Prismes

Givenchy Les Mini Prismes Compact

Plus loving the affordable $39 price tag which is so NOT Givenchy’s price point eh?

None the less as a collector of Givenchy I think the Les Mini Prismes Collection rather darling!

You can grab it now at Sephora or


  • 7/24/14 18:12 CatG:

    $39?!?!?? Whaaa! I was NOT expecting that!!


  • 7/24/14 18:48 Tammie:

    Wow I thought the price would be a LOT worse. I might need this, it’s really cute and I’ve been meaning to try Givenchy’s powder products for years…I’ve only had (and loved) their lipsticks.


  • 7/24/14 20:28 Kay:

    wow how adorable!


  • 7/24/14 21:03 alma:

    How cute is the packaging. That alone draws me in.


  • 7/24/14 22:23 Lacy:

    Welcome back! and this little box is cute and I’m pretty sure I need it!!!


    • 7/25/14 9:24 Isabella Muse:

      thanks lacy 😀 me too!


  • 7/25/14 0:47 Linda:

    $39??? It must be about an inch square. Sephora didn’t include the dimensions in their description. Muse, do you happen to know how big “mini” is?


    • 7/25/14 9:24 Isabella Muse:

      not sure of the exact size of the box but the powder is 0.40 and the shadow 0.20 oz hope this helps!


  • 7/25/14 3:15 Lisa:



  • 7/25/14 6:44 pamela:

    Oh this one has been in Europe for quite awhile, but only duty free exclusive!
    I have this and must say the quality is very good for such a ‘gimmick’ set ^^


  • 7/25/14 8:38 Laura:

    This looks adorable <3



  • 7/25/14 9:48 Maria:

    This is too cute. Reminds me of
    Barbie doll furniture!!!!


  • 7/25/14 11:42 Christina:

    What? $39! Unbelievable! Must check this out in person.


  • 7/25/14 13:27 Maria:

    It is sold out on Sephora website. Is there another website where you can get it? Thanks Muse.


    • 7/28/14 9:56 Isabella Muse: but it’s expensive maria :( give it a few days I’m sure it’ll restock at Sephora!


  • 7/25/14 21:57 Lisa C:

    This same one was out a couple years ago, but alot of people were getting it duty free at the airport. And I think it cost more, so they dropped the price. Either way, I’m excited to try this. I ordered it online, should be here anyday. The one thing I can say for sure, is their blush is fantastic! I have the Vogue Orange shade and it’s one of my HG’s. Can’t wait to try this!


  • 7/26/14 0:04 Andrew:

    I bought mine and it came today and, sadly, don’t expect massive bang for your buck. All three powder compartments only have 3 grams of product each! I’ve already messaged Sephora to notify them of my displeasure with their false description.

    As for the product itself, it’s excellent quality (I mean it is Givenchy after all), but I’m a little wary. This set first popped up over two years ago so I’m afraid it might be old. So far it doesn’t seem to be the case, but the product’s case has a very strong “new car” smell that lingers on the product itself.

    Still, $39 isn’t too bad for this cute set, especially if you’re Givenchy collectors like Muse and me. Just don’t expect to be getting a major bang-for-your-buck value.


  • 7/27/14 15:41 sabine:

    I bought exactly this product in 2012 at airport duty free varna/Bulgaria


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