Glade Fall 2014 Home Fragrance Collection

Glade Fall 2014 Home Fragrance Collection

Maple Tree Inn, Woodside Library, Red Apple Bakery, Sage and Thyme Market, and Pumpkin Pie Diner are all scents from the Glade Fall 2014 Home Fragrance Collection that will be available for a limited time this year at your local Target, Walmart, etc….

I know, I know, it isn’t quite Fall yet but it sure feels like it to me!

The Glade Fall 2014 Home Fragrance Collection looks particularly exciting since these are all new scents no repromoted fragrances like the Bath & Body Works Fall 2014 Candle selection!

Each scent is available in plugin, candle, wax melt, and room spray products!

Glade Maple Tree Inn
The blended scents of berries, fruits and melted butter greet you at the door, while your favorite breakfast aromas wait patiently for their say. Creamy vanilla and caramel provide the sweet conclusion to a delicious experience.

Glade Woodside Library
A fragrance that invites you to stay as long as you like, where notes of chai tea and cardamom blend with hints of incense, florals and well-loved vintage leather. Cedar and oak provide the perfect woodsy signature.

Glade Red Apple Bakery
The scent of mixed fruits and apple cider resides comfortably among the sweet aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg. A warm layer of vanilla and cream provides a most tasteful finish.

Glade Sage & Thyme Market
Fresh and fragrant cooking herbs introduce you to this delightful blend, mingled with a mixture of fruity aromas. Your stroll through the herb aisle finishes with a flourish of vanilla, roasted chestnut and patchouli.

Glade Pumpkin Pie Diner
The appetizing aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg blend beautifully with creamy notes and a touch of pumpkin pie, inviting you to linger a little longer at the friendly eatery around the corner.

Any of the new Glade Fall 2014 Home Fragrance Collection you’re dying to sniff?

Do share!

Check out for more info on the collection!

  • 7/24/14 12:44 Dee:

    I hope you had a fabulous vacation! I’m glad you’re back…mornings aren’t the same without a muse fix:)


    • 7/24/14 12:48 Isabella Muse:

      awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks dee!


  • 7/24/14 15:17 Davondre:

    I am so disheartened that they did not bring back Fall Hayride. There are some things they do need to just keep every year!

    Woodside Library sounds VERY interesting, I always go after the unusual names.

    Sage & Thyme Market sounds good too but from the looks of the design it seems to Christmas-y, if that makes any sense! I feel as though it’s just gonna smell like a pine tree, and I don’t wanna spoil that until the winter time rolls in!


    • 7/24/14 15:19 Isabella Muse:

      Awww yeah, that was quite nice 😀 but sometimes these scents end up smelling very similar so who knows maybe there’s a dupe in here somewhere! I agree about Sage and Thyme, def sounds christmas-y to me too! Woodside Library is def a name alone type of product 😀


  • 7/25/14 4:19 Amy:

    AHHH I want Pumpkin Pie now…the food and this product 😉


  • 7/25/14 12:57 JoElla:

    Welcome back! Hope you had a great fun filled time =)

    I heard about these and had to google. I can’t wait to give these the sniff test.

    IMO Glade’s pumpkin scents are always really good.


    • 7/28/14 10:26 Isabella Muse:

      I did thanks girl! 😀 I agree! Glade unlike Airwick does incredible pumpkin blends!


  • 7/28/14 9:00 kellly:

    Wow, Woodside Library!! (*grabby hands*)
    Fall already? It’s 90 degrees outside. I WISH it was fall!


    • 7/28/14 9:18 Isabella Muse:

      haha same here!


  • 8/22/14 18:21 Scott:

    I have tried Sage and Thyme and it was great but have switched over to Woodside Library (it’s getting harder to find the oil at Target though). Everyone loves it.


  • 8/27/14 16:54 Cee:

    Yum!!! I just found the Maple Tree Inn today and I am in love! I got the MTI auto spray refills and the red apple bakery waxes and my house smells amazing.I can’t wait for fall to be here!! *stares out the window*


    • 8/28/14 9:08 Isabella Muse:

      you’re not alone, I’m waiting eagerly for fall too!


  • 10/22/14 16:54 Kayla:

    I love the pumpkin pie diner, woodside library, and maple tree inn from this year! :) wasn’t crazy about red apple bakery and never smelt the sage & thyme one! I have been seeing holiday stuff slowly trickle out which I am CRAZY excited about!


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