Lancome City Miracle CC Cream for Fall 2014

Lancome City Miracle CC Cream

Ready for Lancome City Miracle CC Cream for Fall 2014? Lancome takes on CC Cream for fall with the new City Miracle CC Cream available in three shade selections.

According to Lancome, the City Miracle CC Cream formula was tested in some of the world’s most polluted cities as it is formulated to help protect your skin against daily aggressions such as pollution.

Not only is the Lancome City Miracle CC Cream doing double duty to protect your skin against enviromental aggressions but it also corrects the appearance of your skin and gives you flawless, natural coverage. The formula illuminators skin as it hydrates and protects with anti-UV filters with an SPF 50.


  • Apricot
  • Golden
  • Peach

The new Lancome City Miracle CC Cream is available now in the UK and Canada and gets an early launch for Fall 2014 in the US shortly.

Will you be indulging?!

  • 7/7/14 12:36 Ashley:

    Sounds interesting but their bb cream shades are still too dark for the pale sisters out there, I wouldn’t mind swatching this on my hand first, maybe the consistencey is better this time, haven’t been overly impressed with their bases so far.


    • 7/7/14 13:23 Isabella Muse:

      agreed! typically lancome is a bit orange-y with shades!


  • 7/7/14 12:52 Cindy:

    The 50+ SPF makes it enticing for me, but as I’m ULTRA fair, don’t know if the lightest of those 3 shades will be light enough. “Peach” sounds like it would hit off orange on me, but I’d have to see the colors to know.


  • 7/7/14 13:29 kimkats:

    Hmmm. Kinda funny how they basically ripped off Clinique’s “City Block” name – it was supposed to block all the pollutants from city air!!

    Lancome’s shades sound awful – every one screams “I’m not skin toned!” but we shall see… I’ll also be interested to see what the SPF ingredients are…. Typically when they’re that high, it’s avobenzene, which my skin hates…


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