New Bath & Body Works 3 Layer Candle for Fall 2014

Bath & Body Works 3 Layer Candle

Let me tell you Bath & Body Works Candles are awesome but the fact that they have a new Bath & Body Works 3 Layer Candle for Fall 2014 makes them even MORE freaking awesome.

My best friend Jai texted me this picture last night and I swear I dropped the phone, waved my hands around, and ran in circles! Seriously, 3 Layer Candles? Will this be something we see upcoming from Bath & Body Works in new candle launches?! Please say yes.

But one problem…

I’m not sure I’m keen on the layers! They combined Sweater Weather (my favorite) with Pumpkin Apple and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. When I asked Jai how it smelled it said he really couldn’t tell because those notes didn’t yet all combine so you’d have to wait for the melt down. Now don’t get me wrong I bet Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Apple will do just fine together but I’m slightly weirded out by combining pumpkin with the warm eucalyptus notes of Sweater Weather!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here because, after all, Bath & Body Works are the masters of home fragrance and they very rarely disappoint so this might just work.

I will say I always see this “swirl” “layer” candles at Yankee Candle but I dislike Yankee Candle’s jarred candles as they don’t have a good throw for me (single wick only means they melt down very slow and have less of the heavier throw the three wick candles do) so I’m excited Bath & Body Works is embracing this style of candle and I’m hopeful this new three layer candle isn’t a one off!

What do you think of the three layers?

Do share!

  • 7/30/14 12:29 Michou:

    Well it’s official. I’m going to be poor this fall. Completely broke. But rich in delicious scents. 😀


    • 7/30/14 12:30 Isabella Muse:

      haha ditto!


  • 7/30/14 15:14 Belle:

    I find that b&bw have a weaker scent than the yankee ones. they smell really good in the jar but when they burn im like is my nose blocked


    • 7/30/14 15:15 Isabella Muse:

      i’m reverse, I find the yankee candle ones week due to the one wick and the bbw have a heavier throw thanks to the three wicks!


      • 7/30/14 17:11 auroragyps:

        See now I don’t like candles with more than one wick, because they burn so much faster and I like a candle to last a long time before it’s used up. Ah well, different strokes and all that. 😉


        • 7/31/14 9:14 Isabella Muse:

          couldn’t agree more but the do smell a lot better than one wick or at least for my nose! 😀


  • 7/31/14 8:50 marquita:

    Why didn’t they think of this sooner! I’m with you, not sure about the scents on this, but if they come out with more I’d be likely to pick one up.


    • 7/31/14 9:12 Isabella Muse:

      it is a weird trio isn’t it!? but still more of these I’ll def buy 😀


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