New Sephora Citrus Brush Cleaner

Sephora Citrus Brush Cleaner

Parian Spirit has teamed up with Sehora to bring you their popular Citrus Brush Cleaner. This brush cleanser is pretty special as it’s created exclusively for use with natural and synthetic haired brushes. I dunno about you but I’ve killed more than one synethic brush by using regular brush cleanser on it. This Citrus Brush Cleaner not only removes makeup, gunk, and even mascara, latex, and even acrylic from delicate synethic fibers but it also gives them a citrus-y scent on the dry down.

You can also use the cleaner on wigs, false eyelashes, and clothing!

The Sephora Citrus Brush Cleanser is available now at


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  • 7/31/14 11:42 Casey:

    This is insane- 4.0 oz of Parian Spirit, which apparently is the exact same thing, retails for $9.50 online at places such as Beautylish. Why would they mark it up so much? If you buy in bulk you save even more- 32oz is $30.


    • 7/31/14 21:50 Andi:

      AGREED! I was willing to pay a little more just for the convenience of being able to buy it locally, but paying almost twice as much?! Ridiculous. It’s like Sephora and Parian Spirit are trying to make the same profit. I’ll pass and buy from Beautylish.


  • 7/31/14 12:25 Brianna:

    Not trying to be critical, because I love reading your blogs – but it would be super helpful if price was included in reviews/notices like these. This looks really great – definitely want to check this out.


    • 7/31/14 13:04 Isabella Muse:

      sorry, it’s $17 hope this helps!


      • 7/31/14 14:05 Brianna:

        Thanks, Muse! :)


        • 7/31/14 14:11 Isabella Muse:

          my pleasure :)


  • 8/9/14 15:35 Andi:

    I just noticed that Sephora very quietly lowered the price of this to a much more reasonable $11.50 for 4 oz. That’s so much better than the original $17!!


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