the Balm Autobalm Face Palettes for Fall 2014

the Balm Autobalm California Face Palette

the Balm Autobalm Hawaii Face Palette and the Balm Autobalm California Face Palette are two new $15 face palettes that are available now at Kohl’s and

Take a look!

Collection includes:

  • the Balm Autobalm Hawaii Face Palette $15
  • the Balm Autobalm California Face Palette $15

the Balm Autobalm California Face Palette

the Balm Autobalm Hawaii Face Palette

Each palette includes two eyeshadows, liner, and a blush. As you can see each is shaped like a driver license and is about the same size as one too!

They are rather cute pick ups for quickie looks!

Both palettes are available in store or online.

What do you think?

Maybe worth a pick up for quickie back to school looks?


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  • 8/11/14 9:50 Renu:

    Wow, these are super-cute! I prefer California because of the peachier blush shade. Thanks for the heads-up, Muse!


    • 8/11/14 10:06 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure renu :)


  • 8/11/14 11:26 Jessica:

    These are too cute! I think I may have to pick one….or both….up! :)


  • 8/11/14 12:15 Somayea:

    YESS. I was up last night wanting a all in one face palette. I was going to buy MUG eyeshadows + Inglot brow powder to make it work and fit it in a Z palette. I feel like this was a message. I wish I could switch out the blush in Hawaii for the one in California, it would suit me more. But I’ll take it! That crease color in Hawaii looks similar to Sleek in the Nude Tude palette which is perfect for my brows!
    Thank you Muse! :)


    • 8/11/14 12:22 Isabella Muse:

      aw my pleasure somayea 😀 enjoy!


  • 8/11/14 15:17 Janelle:

    OMG too cute! I even ended up with Kohl’s cash as I redid the bathroom so these little boogers are going to be “free” for me. I was going to toss the Kohl’s cash too as I never go to Kohl’s. Glad I didn’t!


  • 8/12/14 1:04 Connie:

    May need to get the Hawaii palette simply for the fact that I live here! Only problem is we don’t have Kohls. 😂


  • 8/14/14 19:00 Sri:

    Ah yes! I spotted these on Kohl’s website last week and immediately searched for reviews and swatches, I was waiting for the Muse to post about it. THANKS! Will there be swatches? I am SO interested in both palettes, but as a grad student my makeup purchases need to be strategic and practical (although these are pretty affordable for The Balm and with a nice amount of product too! See I’m already convincing myself getting them is a good idea.)


    • 8/15/14 9:11 Isabella Muse:

      def gonna try to get swatches up for you :) lol yes, I’m sure you’ll need little convincing though hehe!


      • 8/15/14 16:31 Sri:

        YAY for swatches! I really appreciate all that you do – it sure makes shopping easier to have a trusted opinion. I’m a new reader, by the way, and your blog has been both educational and inspirational for my makeup adventures :)


        • 8/18/14 10:19 Isabella Muse:

          aw thanks sri :) thank you very very much!


  • 8/15/14 10:52 MzCrafty1908:

    These are super cute! I’ll definitely be picking up the California one. It’s on the warmer side.


  • 1/23/15 13:53 Dani:

    I’m so sad, I saw these gorgeous palettes a last year at a Kohl’s but was in a rush and forgot to pick them up :( Do you know of any websites that have them? Thank you for posting and reminding me about them doll :)


    • 1/23/15 13:56 Isabella Muse:

      i don’t sorry Dani. Maybe check your local kohls store you might get lucky. no prob!


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