Benefit Sale

Benefit Crescent Row Holiday Set

Grab up some great Benefit goodies on sale today at

My eye spies Bella Bamba and Dallas Ultra Plus Glosses, Velvet Eyeshadow, and Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow for $10 each! Crescent Row Fragrances, One Hot Minute, and more at considerable discounts!

Happy Shopping!


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  • 8/8/14 15:54 Katie:

    Hey Muse! I read your blog all the time but this is my first time posting (though, I did comment on your FB page once) and had to tell you I always check your blog for reviews when I’m thinking of buying a new product.

    I did get the email about this sale so I went and snatched up the Posiepal – always wanted to try Posietint and it was $16 for the travel set, and two Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows – Strut and Tattle Tale. I’ve been wanting to buy the shadows for a long time and could not pass up $10 each! Now I’m just anxiously waiting for the box to show up :)


    • 8/8/14 16:27 Isabella Muse:

      hey katie aw thank you so much for visiting musings of a Muse and taking time out to comment 😀 <3! So flattered!!!!!!!!! Yay glad you hauled! they had some great deals 😀 enjoy your goodies!


  • 8/8/14 17:31 Megan:

    Do you suppose these products are being discontinued? I would assume so given some of the old packaging… I used to adore California Kissing way back in my early makeup days. I should almost pick some up for the sake of nostalgia.


    • 8/11/14 10:46 Isabella Muse:

      i dunno megan, possibly repackaged maybe!? it’s a toss up could be dc’ed could be repackaged :)


  • 8/9/14 0:00 StushiGal Style:

    I’m in love with the packaging! So Cute!


  • 8/10/14 18:57 Sara:

    Hey muse! I am from Brazil and I am here to tell you that every time I want to know something about makeup I open your site to read the reviews :)
    I am a make up addicted and I love to know about new and different things. It is a shame make up here in Brazil is really expensive (for example, a MAC lipstick here costs R$66 which today is about 30 dollars.) But I try to go to the US every time I am oh holidays to buy new things :))) And every time I buy the tickets to the US, I come here to make my wish list 😉 My next travel will be next week and I am here to search for what I am going to buy 😀


    • 8/11/14 9:41 Isabella Muse:

      aw sara thank you I’m very very very flattered :) I’m so sorry! prices are just scary abroad :( awwwww that’s so sweet :) I’m so flattered you’re making your wish list from items I featured :) Have a safe, fun, super great time while you’re here and of course, the most fun of all the shopping part!!!!!! ENJOY!


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