Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Collection for Fall 2014

Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Palette

Ugh I so want in on the Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Collection for Fall 2014 looks! This is a stunning eyeshadow palette that I think is a bit above my budget but I still want it.

Yes please!

The Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Collection includes a stunning selection of 12 shades of eyeshadow as well as a full sized Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner and Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara!

Shades include:

  • Ivory Shadow (creamy white)
  • Chiffon Sparkle Shadow (pale gold)
  • Golden Pink Metallic Shadow (pinky beige sparkle)
  • Graphite Sparkle Shadow (mauve brown sparkle)
  • Gold Sparkle Shadow (champagne sparkle)
  • Naked Shadow (medium neutral pink)
  • Bare Metallic Shadow (soft pink nude)
  • Birch Shadow (soft brown)
  • Smokey Topaz Metallic Shadow (grey brown)
  • Truffle Shadow (grey pink)
  • Golden Bronze Metallic Shadow (medium bronze gold)
  • Espresso Shadow (dark chocolate brown)

The Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Collection is available now at

  • 8/5/14 11:13 Christina:

    Hi Muse,

    I think this was part of Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale. I have to say, I was quite disappointed in the pigmentation of this palette, though it is on par with some of her other palettes. I guess I’m just not a Bobbi Brown fan, as I find her eyeshadows in paletes way too sheer. It’s funny because I swear her singles are nicely pigmented and soft!


    • 8/5/14 11:26 Isabella Muse:

      mmhmm but I think that set had a few other goodies right?! don’t quote me though 😀 Bobbi has been hit or miss lately :-/


  • 8/5/14 11:34 telle:

    :/ i was really excited at how this looked- it reminds me of holiday 2013 palette Old Hollywood which is a favorite when i want to do very classic eyes….maybe a pass?! i’ll have to play with it, i suppose! :) looking forward to any future reviews/swatches! <3


  • 8/5/14 13:59 Mary Beth Dearmon:

    I think Bobbi’s matte shades (from her regular line) are great! Her shimmer shades, however, are a big miss for me — invariably. They provided little to no pigmentation. This palette reminds me of her “Twilight” palette from a year or so back — looked stunning in ads, but proved disappointing once applied to the eyes. I eventually threw it away, it was so bad!


  • 8/8/14 10:01 Jane:

    I agree with Mary Beth. I am a huge Bobbi fan, but I find lately the quality of the shadows in the palettes are not what they used to be. I love the matte shades, but I bought the Sand palette and one of the Sparkle shadows completely fell apart and had little pigment. I realize the Sparkle shadows are more for effect, but it just broke up and left way too much fall out. I could use less sparkle in the palettes. I would also like a larger pan of the base color since I usually go through that shade first.


  • 8/13/14 18:55 Camille Marie:

    This is the type of palette I’m looking for, as I’ve recently found that I love matte shadows as much as shimmer. They’re perfect for the days where I want to look good without putting forth much effort!I’m going to have to head over the Nordy’s to check it out because I’ve never used Bobbi Brown products.


  • 8/13/14 22:26 Julia:

    As a huge Bobbi Brown fan of many years this palette was a huge letdown for me. Unfortunately, the last couple of Limited Edition palettes were misses – low on pigment, shadows have low staying power and the sparkle shadows are the worst, huge fallout and they all look the same. Used to by BB sight unseen, but I will stay away.


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