DHC Alice in Wonderland Suncut Q10 50+ Aqua Gel Review & Swatches

DHC Alice in Wonderland Suncut Q10 50+ Aqua Gel

As you know DHC Japan has teamed up with Disney and created a very cute Alice in Wonderland Collection! This DHC Alice in Wonderland Suncut Q10 50+ Aqua Gel is part of that collection.

I’m not a huge Suncut Q10 50+ Aqua Gel myself in all honesty but I couldn’t resist the Alice in Wonderland packaging!

DHC Alice in Wonderland Suncut Q10 Aqua Gel

DHC Alice in Wonderland Suncut Q10 50+ Aqua Gel offers SPF 50+ PA++++ protection using octinoxate and titanium dioxide. As you can see it features a really cute Alice in Wonderland design on the tube.

When compared to SPF released in the US the Japan market does have a better formulated sunscreen. I don’t particularly love Suncut Aqua Gel because it tends to make me shiny but there’s no denying the lightweight texture and quick to absorb formula is far better than any SPF you can purchase at the drugstore here in the US. This look pasty on the initial application but quickly absorbs into skin sans a chalky look or finish. I find the gel texture is delightfully easy to absorb but it tends to make me quite shiny looking after application and during the wear!

DHC Alice in Wonderland Suncut Q10 50+ Aqua Gel swatches

But…but…I couldn’t resist the darling packaging!

There are definitely far better gel based SPFs available in the Japanese market that offer high levels of sun protection with a lightweight texture that absorbs easily without the shine but of course, you’ll have to forgo Alice in Wonderland to get ’em :) If you don’t mind the shine factor and you’re a Wonderland fan you might wish to grab this SPF up!

I got mine from AlphabeautyUK on Ebay.com.


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  • 8/8/14 2:19 unefilleablush:

    Omg, this packaging is so cute! I like it .


  • 8/8/14 17:09 Jane:

    the packaging is gorgeous but I might skip on it because of the shininess. have you tried Biore’s UV aqua rich watery jelly? it’s a very refreshing gel formula that doesn’t add shine at all. it’s my favourite (:


    • 8/11/14 10:47 Isabella Muse:

      yup! it’s my hg :) reviewed it several times on here! Unfortunately they never updated it to the required Japanese spf requirements so I’ve been a little scared to use it :-/


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