Etude House Ice Tint Balm Review & Swatches

Etude House Ice Tint Balm1

Etude House Ice Tint Balm is one of those cute lip balms I like to have laying around because I’m too darn lazy to retouch up my lipstick and gloss as the day progresses.

Ever have those moments where a slick of tinted lip balm is the only thing you have time for? I know the feeling well.

Etude House Ice Tint Balm isn’t a traditional tinted lip balm though….!

Etude House Ice Tint Balm3

Etude House Ice Tint Balm

Etude House Ice Tint Balm5

Etude House Ice Tint Balm

Etude House Ice Tint Balm swatches

Etude House Ice Tint Balm (Shade: Apple-holic)

It’s a cooling one!

Etude House Ice Tint Balm is a cooling tinted lip balm available in six shade selections. This is a super lightweight texture and looks more like stain on lips versus an actually balmy texture that you’d expect from a lip balm. The thinner formula has a cool, refreshing burst when applied on lips and feels quite lovely if your lips are dry or parched. It applies evenly with a rich color pay off on the initial application and more pop as you build! The color was way more intense than you’d expect from your average, everyday sheerer lip balm! To me it has the finish and look of Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains. It wears quite strongly as well for about three to four hours, leaving behind a slight staining effect at around hour four. It has a slightly fruity taste initially but does go a bit bitter as you apply but the flavor/fragrance disappears quickly enough.

As I said above I’m super lazy about reapplying my lipstick once it wears away but I also happen to hate having completely bare lips! This is a nice way to get a lot of color onto my lips with a nice cooling sensation! The formula isn’t terribly hydrating but it isn’t drying either and it delivers some very nice pop to lips that’s easy to apply when you’re at your desk or on the run!

Etude House Ice Tint Balm fotd

I got mine from seller F2Plus1 for $9.


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  • 8/18/14 23:17 Danadoo:

    I am a person whi cannot stand having bare lips..ever! This stuff sounds awesome, and I’m LOVING the color payoff! I truely know the feeling of not having the time for a full lipstick touch up and most balms do not have enough pigmentation for me. Im loving the apple color youre looks great on you and hopefully it will look great on me as well because this WILL BE MINE!


    • 8/19/14 9:19 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks Danadoo 😀 yeah I totally can relate,I’m a lazy beast for retouching up!


  • 8/19/14 8:03 Jia:

    Hi Muse!
    I am always looking for a tinted lip balm that doesn’t have that “balmy” and “oily” feeling and I guess this is the one!But is it very pigmented like a real lipstick?Because I am still young and I go to school so I don’t want something too obvious…So is the color rather natural?And can you suggest me the most natural looking color in this collection?


    • 8/19/14 9:16 Isabella Muse:

      hi jia how are you? Unfortunately these are VERY bright dear! They are quite pigmented so the color isn’t very natural :(


  • 8/19/14 9:43 Matromao:

    Tinted lip balms are the best. I love that these give off more color than Benefit’s balms, but the packaging is just as cute. Can’t wait for Etude House to launch these locally. :)


  • 8/19/14 14:32 Heidi:

    I love that color and that it feels a bit cooling.


  • 4/13/15 18:03 hippo2009:

    Could u tell me what color is ? Thanks a lot ^^!


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