Jason Wu for Lancome Six-Pan Eyeshadow Palette Fall 2014

Jason Wu for Lancome Six Pan Eyeshadow Palette Fall 2014

Love, loving on the Jason Wu for Lancome Six-Pan Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2014 ($51)! Jason Wu colloborated with Lancome to create a second Fall 2014 Makeup Collection this year but the limited edition Jason Wu for Lancome Six-Pan Eyeshadow Palette gets a later release from the master color line that released earlier this Summer.

This stunning palette combines gorgeous shades of creamy metallics along with matte shades to create fresh Fall forward eye looks. It’s actually a palette that really excites me! I like the combo of shades including the gorgeous garnet red, lime green, and navy!

The Jason Wu for Lancome Six-Pan Eyeshadow Palette Fall 2014 is available now at Nordstrom.com.


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  • 8/26/14 12:28 Steph:

    Does anyone know the individual shade names of these shadows?


    • 8/26/14 12:32 Isabella Muse:

      I don’t believe lancome names the shadows in any of their 6 pans or at least they haven’t in the past.


      • 8/27/14 0:04 Steph:

        Thanks. I was wondering if there’s overlap with their single color design shadows. I have a lot of those and don’t want the palette if it’s not mostly unique.


        • 8/27/14 9:15 Isabella Muse:

          I know back in Summer 2012 or so? they had a six pan with a few shades that were available in single color shades. Just a heads up :)


  • 8/26/14 19:10 Ashley:

    The citron and raspberry shade look to die for, for fall, of course you can’t buy the shades separately the marketing team for Lancome does this on purpose so you cave in and splurge and buy the palette. WHY? WHY? Do they do this to us poor consumers? Its a vicious trick that works like a charm and they know our weaknesses all too well.


  • 8/27/14 7:47 telle:

    YAY! SO excited for this! i am hoping it will be in nordstrom stores b/c we a first one opening in canada soon and then my greedy cossie hands can have this all for their own! mwa ha…! seriously though, this is epic and i LOVE lancome 6 pan palettes! :)


  • 8/28/14 18:08 Tiffany:

    Do you know if this is Nordstrom only or is coming to Macy’s?


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