Josie Maran Age Beautifully Argan Hydration Skincare Set Review & Swatches

Josie Maran Age Beautifully Argan Hydration Skincare Set

The Josie Maran Age Beautifully Argan Hydration Skincare Set is a new QVC Today’s Special Value Set debuting August 26th although you can snag it now at using item number A260862.

The set includes four full size Josie Margan products including one of my very favorite products that has not been around in a while, the Josie Maran Protect + Perfect Argan Daily Moisturizer that I reviewed for you earlier today!

Let’s take look!

Josie Maran Age Beautifully Argan Hydration Skincare Collection

Josie Maran Age Beautifully Argan Hydration Skincare Set will set you back $64.95 (or three payments of $21.65 plus shipping of $7.22 on Easy Pay) and includes:

  • 1.7 oz Pure Argan Oil
  • 1 oz Pure Argan Milk Intensive Treatment
  • 2 oz Argan SPF 47 Protect and Perfect
  • 0.5 oz Infinity Lip and Cheek in Forever Rose

Purchasing the Lip and Cheek Gel, Argan Oil, and Argan Milk alone would set you back $122, that’s not including the Protect and Perfect! So this is quite a great deal!

You can choose to sign up for auto delivery as well which means you’ll get four more shipments with a new shade of Lip and Cheek Gel every 90 days. You can skip shipments whenever you like as well!

I actually use Josie’s Argan Oil nightly in the Winter so I’m happy to have a replenishment bottle. It’s quick to absorb, doesn’t leave my skin shiny or greasy, and provides plenty of moisture!

I actually purchased the Pure Argan Milk Intensive Treatment when it originally launched earlier this year and disliked it. I either got a fluke bottle or they reformulated it because it is more of a cream formulation now versus the water-y gel of my original bottle. I actually ended up liking it because although it isn’t “intensively” hydrating it’s a nice lightweight moisture that can be used in place of Argan Oil in the AM. I can’t go out of the house with Argan Oil on my face so I do stick to using it nightly as it’s a bit too rich for daily use. The Milk Treatment makes for a nice replacement as it’s lighter, less heavy, but still provides a nice bit of moisture, not as much as though, on my face.

Josie Maran Age Beautifully Argan Hydration Skincare Set 12

Josie Maran Age Beautifully Argan Hydration Skincare Set 13

Josie Maran Age Beautifully Argan Hydration Skincare Set 14

I’ve already raved Infinity Lip and Cheek Gel in a prior review. This is formulated like Josie’s Maran Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil but in a tinted format that can be used on cheeks and lips. This gives cheeks a dewy lick of pretty, natural color! The shade you get, Forever Rose, is exclusive to QVC as it isn’t sold at Sephora.

Infinity Lip and Cheek Forever Rose Swatches

And finally you get the greatest tinted moisturizer ever with this set (in my opinion)! Argan SPF 47 Protect and Perfect is a lightweight, hydrating sheer moisturizer that evens out skin tone, brightens, and creates a rather lovely luminous, healthy, natural glow on cheeks and face! It’s the single reason I wanted this set as it was available in another set and as an individual purchase on QVC but disappeared soon after its launch. I’m happy to see it back in this set.

Josie Maran Protect + Perfect Argan Daily Moisturizer Swatches

Needless to say the Josie Maran Age Beautifully Argan Hydration Skincare Set is an excellent value. I like most everything included in this set and think it’s a great deal especially for Josie fans! Believe me, you’ll want it for the Protect + Perfect Daily Moisturizer alone as that is truly a fabulous product!


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  • 8/18/14 19:02 Phyrra:

    Thanks for sharing! Love seeing the blush.


    • 8/19/14 9:24 Isabella Muse:

      aw my pleasure 😀


  • 8/18/14 19:40 Mary:

    Ah! I am so torn on the set! I really would like to try the argan milk and tinted infinity cream, but already have a few extra bottles of regular argan oil (since they seem to be in EVERY TSV!). I do like the tinted moisturizer too, but it’s too dark for me to use in the winter. Probably will have to pass on this one…:(


  • 8/19/14 12:20 Chynna:

    I bought this set before I realized that the SPF was the tinted version from older TSV sets. I had the oppposite reaction and was disappointed with that aspect. It’s advertised as a “light” tint, but I’m fair and the older version always turned too dark and oddly orange on me. I’m experimenting with this one and it seems okay with powder over it, but it’s still darker than I’d like. The set is still a ridiculous value even if the tinted moisturizer is too dark because I do use the Argan Milk and argan oil daily and saved money just on those. I got it on AD and will continue with the shipments, but I may ebay the tinted moisturizer and buy her untinted SPF product instead. Hmmm… maybe I’ll try mixing the TM with the untinted version to see if I can lighten it up some.


  • 8/20/14 12:36 Rachel P.:

    I totally bought this yesterday per your recommendation. I have never tried Josie’s products before, due to the cost and my skin type (I used to think my combo-oily skin didn’t need more oil), but last winter, my skin dried out worse than ever before. Now I feel like I will be armed and ready to combat the seasonal dry skin. It will be interesting to see if this has any effect on my blemishes as well. I think I’ll start out with the Argan Milk/Protect & Perfect immediately as fall approaches, then phase into the Pure Argan Oil and Infinity Creamy oil once winter hits and my skin turns to paper. So happy with this QVC deal (especially how you can break up the payments- love that). Very excited to try!!


    • 8/20/14 12:40 Isabella Muse:

      yay glad you got it rachel! sure hope you like the set 😀 I do too, qvc is fab! beauty mortgage haha!


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