MAC Sideshow You Blush Review & Swatches

MAC Sideshow You Blush9

MAC Sideshow You Blush ($24) is one of two, very limited edition powder blush shades launching with the new MAC The Simpsons Makeup Collection.

I think the blush shades in the Simpsons Collection are what excited me most especially Sideshow You since it’s a peachy coral which I love.

Let’s have a look!

Although it’s a Simpsons Collection the packaging is a focal point for Marge so really in the end the collection focuses most on Marge. Not that Marge went around in coral blush that I recall but none the less she does make a very prominent appearance in the packaging. The compact itself is a black lacquer case with a yellow backdrop for half of Marge’s face and hair. She kinda has this sultry, fluttery eye look going on. The outer box is where the real Simpson world comes into play as it features a kaleidoscope of characters on a strong yellow backdrop! The black drawings against the yellow backdrop are only interrupted by a flash of Marge’s bright blue hair in a sea of other characters including Lisa, Maggie, Bart, etc…!

MAC Sideshow You Powder Blush

MAC Sideshow You

The powder itself has half of Marge’s face yet again embossed on the powder. I used the blush about four times since getting it and Marge’s face is holding up well thankfully but I imagine with daily use it’ll start to fade away.

MAC Sideshow You Blush

MAC Sideshow You Blush

MAC Sideshow You Blush swatches

MAC Sideshow You Blush Swatches

Sideshow You, obviously named after Sideshow Bob, doesn’t really remind me of Marge, The Simpsons, or Sideshow Bob. This is a pretty pink coral with a silky matte finish. If you stare really closely you’ll see a little hint of shimmer but it doesn’t translate onto skin. The formula looks dense at a glance but it has a fine, silky slightly powdery texture. I had a little bit of a hard time blending it out on my drier cheeks as it looked a little clowny at first but after a few uses I noticed the texture softened and applied easier. The formula wears well for me without fading or losing its intensity for a solid seven hours.

MAC Sideshow You Blush fotd

MAC Sideshow You Blush weights in at 0.33 oz in size versus the standard MAC Blush which is 0.21 oz. This shade is also exclusively available online so it won’t pop up on counter. As of August 28th you should see the entire MAC Simpsons Collection at with a launch date of September 4th in stores and on counters.


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  • 8/26/14 14:46 Fancie:

    This is a really pretty blush! I wanted to skip this collection but I like how this looks on you. I just hate that it’s a MAC exclusive


    • 8/26/14 14:48 Isabella Muse:

      thanks chica. yeah! especially since everything on mac’s site ends up selling out fast!


  • 8/26/14 18:51 Dee:

    I love how this looks! Peachy pinks are my favorites…wish I could get it elsewhere than MAC but oh well.


  • 8/26/14 23:30 Shirley:

    I’m a huge Simpsons fan but I have so many blushes already! Sigh…. Temptations 😛 The color looks great on you!


    • 8/27/14 9:27 Isabella Muse:

      thanks chica 😀


  • 8/28/14 11:15 Christina:

    I want to like this because the color is pretty, but it looks so bright. I’m super fair, and a lot of corals make me look like a clown! LOL.


  • 8/28/14 13:08 Maribeth:

    In the pan, it kind of reminds me of TheBalm’s Frat Boy. How does it compare?


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