MAC The Simpsons Lipglass Review & Swatches

MAC Simpsons Lipglass

Grand Pumpkin, Itchy & Scratchy, Nacho Cheese Explosion, and Red Blazer are four, limited edition MAC The Simpsons Lipglass lipglosses that are launching with the MAC The Simpsons Collection this September (they launch online this week, August 28th).

Unfortunately, the MAC Simpsons Makeup Collection does in fact have these four lipglasses but no lipsticks. How sad! I think everyone really wanted some sort of lipsticks to go along with the collection. But since three out of the four shades in this launch of glosses is rather fab perhaps that’ll make up for the missing lipsticks!

MAC The Simpsons Lipglass

I predict the MAC The Simpsons Lipglass range selling out fast and sure, oddly enough I imagine it’ll be the weirdest shade in the bunch, entitled, Nacho Cheese Explosion Lipglass as going first. I mean I dunno if I want to wear yellow lipglass but props to anyone that does. You can either think of it as the skin tone of your favorite Simpsons character or perhaps a nod to the most patient of clerks at the K-wick E-mart, Mr. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. It’s actually kinda a green tinged gloss with a bit of neon yellow in it. It’s an odd shade to say the least and it’s quite a pain to apply as it wouldn’t look even no matter what I did with it! The shade just likes to settle into my natural lip lines and it looks gloppy and sloppy on my lips. I had this moment as I twisted the top off that maybe just maybe this would actually taste like Nacho Cheese. Wishful thinking! Gross but it would be funny yes?

MAC Nacho Cheese Explosion Lipglass

MAC Nacho Cheese Explosion Lipglass

As with most of the Simpsons line the packaging focuses on Marge with half her face and her large fluttery eyes peeking out at you from the Lipglass tube. The outer box is where you get more of the Simpsons characters as it features an array of friends from Springfield including Bart, Homer, Maggie, Lisa, and more!

MAC Simpsons Lipglass Collection

MAC The Simpsons Lipglass 14

Most of these gloss shades are quite creamy sans a lot of shimmer or sparkle. I think shimmer is so common in the MAC Lipglass formula I’m always surprised when it isn’t around. My favorite shade, which lacks shimmer, is the MAC Grand Pumpkin Lipglass. I’m actually not a massive Simpsons fan so this one kinda had me scratching my head as to what it was named after. I think I’ve seen all the Treehouse of Horror episodes but not sure what the “Grand Pumpkin” might refer to. Needless to say it surprised me as I don’t like cream shades but this is a nice creamy orange that’s slightly nude but still looks rather pretty on lips with a hint of warmth and fairly opaque coverage on my pigmented lips. It does settle into my natural lip lines unfortunately but if you continue to rub the sponge applicator over your lips a few times it’ll go on smoother and more even!

Two other impressive shades are MAC Itchy & Scratchy & MAC Red Blazer Lipglass. Itchy & Scratchy is a fully opaque shade of purple-y fuchsia with a hint of shimmer. It was fairly even and smooth on my lips with a very nice pigmentation. If you’re a fond fan of purple fuchsia shades I doubt this will disappoint! MAC Red Blazer, well, it isn’t really red is another fuchsia shade but has more of a bright pink base. It too, had excellent opaque color on the first application and great pigmentation overall!

MAC The Simpsons Lipglass Swatches

MAC The Simpsons Lipglass Swatches (Itchy & Scratchy, Grand Pumpkin, Nacho Cheese Explosion, and Red Blazer)

MAC Grand Pumpkin fotd

MAC Grand Pumpkin Lipglass

MAC Grand Pumpkin Lipglass

MAC Itchy Scratchy Lipglass fotd

MAC Itchy Scratchy Lipglass

MAC Itchy & Scratchy Lipglass

MAC Red Blazer Lipglass fotd

MAC Red Blazer Lipglass

MAC Red Blazer Lipglass

As with all MAC Lipglasses the formula on these has a tacky, sticky texture which enables them to wear strongly for a good four to five hours. The colors in the collection had great pigment and overall, most are quite lovely, wearable shades, aside from Nacho Cheese Explosion Lipglass of course.

The MAC The Simpsons Lipglass are definitely worth a look see not only for Simpson’s fans but also makeup lovers because these are some very nice shades!

The MAC Simpsons Collection launches this week at and on September 4th in stores and on counters.

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  • 8/26/14 17:39 Ash:

    The Grand Pumpkin is from Simpsons XIX:


    • 8/26/14 17:52 Isabella Muse:

      you’re awesome never seen this one :-D


      • 8/26/14 18:21 Ash:

        Its a pretty good one! I’ve been DVRing the marathon on FXX but haven’t started watching them yet. I’m curious to see which episodes I have never seen. I love treehouse of horrors especially!


        • 8/26/14 18:47 Isabella Muse:

          i thought I had seen all the THofH episodes until you showed me that one :-D


  • 8/26/14 18:32 Cat:

    Red Blazer looks gorgeous on you!


    • 8/27/14 10:00 Isabella Muse:

      wow thanks cat :)


  • 8/26/14 22:51 Angel:

    Now I want nachos.


    • 8/27/14 9:58 Isabella Muse:

      mmmm nachos! and maybe a pink frosted donut with sprinkles!


  • 8/26/14 23:26 Alisha:

    All 3 of the colors look gorgeous on you! I really like The Great Pumpkin color.


    • 8/27/14 9:27 Isabella Muse:

      thank you!


  • 8/27/14 13:20 Lori:

    Muse, you’re not going to show us the pictures of you wearing Nacho Cheese Explosion?! :) I think that the other colors look gorgeous on you, and you’re always able to pull off ever color… I would love to see the neon green/yellow shade, too. Pretty please?


    • 8/27/14 13:32 Isabella Muse:

      haha naa I looked very foolish in it :-D but thank YOU! I’m flattered you think I can wear all the colors I wasn’t so sure about the purple <3!


      • 8/28/14 9:21 TalahasseeRum:

        Ok, but couldn’t you at least have shown us for your viewers so we can decide for ourselves? Temptalia always wears the colors even if they look awful. She puts them on to show it off, good or bad and so do most other blogs. Really disappointing. A review blog is meant to show the products and review them not about looking good, but ok…..


        • 8/28/14 9:49 Isabella Muse:

          I follow temptalia too and she’s very dedicated and a great blogger. Sorry to disappoint you Talahassee! I just wasn’t confident enough to take pics of myself in yellow lipglass! It looks rather odd on me and I wasn’t feeling quite confident enough to post a photo of myself with it on. You’re right even if something doesn’t look good it shouldn’t matter but it’s also a level of being comfortable to post it. I guess I’m not that brave! Hopefully the swatches help you a little!


  • 10/11/14 12:45 Faye:

    Nacho cheese explosion is a true double dare lip glass to wear to work.


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