Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick Review & Swatches

Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Sticks

I recently purchased two shades of the new Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick ($45) that launched with the Marc Jacobs Beauty Fall 2014 Collection.

I like simple beauty and thought the ideal of a quick twist up foundation stick seemed like a great pratice in simple, natural coverage which is why I grabbed these up when they popped up on They have since disappeared from Sephora site but are still very much available at if you want to give them a whirl.

Let’s take a look!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick

Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick

Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick comes in a chunky, slick black case with a roll up dial that allows you to easily twist the foundation up and apply. You can of course, apply directly from the tube or you can use a brush or sponge to dab onto the stick.

If you thought it reminded you of a mini deodorant stick you’d be correct as Marc Jacobs created it to look just like that for a little fun!

The formula includes coconut oil, vitamins, and amino acids with green tea and refreshing cucumber to fight free radicals as well as a Spherical powders with a photo luminescent diamond core that work together to diffuse light and blur imperfections.

I have to say I both like the formula and dislike it. As a drier skinned girl this is SUPER hydrating. It as a slick, hydrating feel and glides onto skin like melted butter but a slightly cool sensation. Truly the hydrating factor is luxurious. Unfortunately it also translates to a bit oily as well! For some reason it just comes across terribly emollient and oily kinda like stage makeup! It does set to a dewy finish so I imagine those who do not have dry skin might be annoyed by this. The coverage is natural and very sheer but since the foundation is made up of mostly water it does melt away rather quickly and wears for around two hours on my skin. You can extend the wear by wearing powder over it of course but it does fade quite fast without it.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick Light Medium

Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick (Light Medium)

Marc Jacobs Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick swatches

Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick Swatches (Light Medium)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick Medium

Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick (Medium)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick Swatches

Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick Swatches (Medium)

I really loved the natural coverage this provided. It made my skin look very bright and healthy! Thankfully once blended it wasn’t oily but the dewiness that it sets to might be too much for those with oily skin. I think the wear was a disappointment for me though as I’m not really one for setting with powder after foundation application and this forces me to use it less I face the issue of my foundation fading super fast!

When I think about the price though I do wince as this is quite sheer (about the coverage a tinted moisturizer would provide) with a shorter wear and the oiliness isn’t terribly appealing at first application thus the near $50 price tag does make me thing I could do better in the high end foundation world.

Tried Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick?

What were your thoughts on it?

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by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 8/5/14 20:17 Lauren:

    Holy crap, $50 for a foundation that lasts 2 hours?! They must be absolutely insane!


  • 8/5/14 21:09 amy:

    Hmmm… I’m on the hunt for a dewy finish, and I don’t need alot of coverage, so this may be the one… I reapply foundation every 2 hours, or so, along with sunscreen, and the ease of a stick is ideal for days I’m out & about. Normally, I stay away from stick foundations due to the matte finish most have, although I love the convenoence.


  • 8/5/14 22:50 Beth:

    Because the idea of rubbing a deodorant stick on your face is so appealing….


  • 8/5/14 23:50 Sarah:

    Blech… for some reason it just seems very unsanitary to me… even if you’re not swiping this on your face and using a brush instead, I can easily see dust and stray hairs collecting on this.

    What did you think of the applicator?


  • 8/6/14 13:57 Christine Joy Luikuo:
    • 8/6/14 14:56 Isabella Muse:

      god I hate flan with a passion no offense 😀


  • 8/6/14 13:59 Eli Caroline:

    2 Hours! That is a major no go for me.


    • 8/6/14 14:56 Isabella Muse:

      oh wait no it wasn’t…damn which one was it I remember though it was indeed awful 😀


  • 8/7/14 12:18 J:

    Sephora has pulled the product from stores and the website due to the scent. An ingredient called proline is the cause for it to smell like a very particular body function.


    • 8/7/14 12:23 Isabella Muse:

      no kidding, to me it smelled a little like oil!


  • 8/7/14 18:50 Lyle:

    This was pulled from as well as in stores because it contains proline, which smells like semen. Needless to say it was pulled immediately.


  • 8/13/14 23:04 Ruthless:

    I really liked the idea of this, I hope someone else does it-it’s just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too emollient for anyone who doesn’t have super parched skin. Also I think Marc Jacobs line is incredibly over priced for the quality.


  • 9/11/14 16:21 Poppy K:

    Alas it seems to be pulled from everywhere. I really liedthe one I bought in light and I guess I’ll just us it up. I loved it for a summer when I wanted a really sheer look but it might not be so great in the fall/winter. I hope they reformulate and reintroduce it. I notced the odd smell but didn’t connect it with semen.


    • 9/11/14 16:33 Isabella Muse:

      nor did I! It smelled kinda of like car oil or something! but not semen!? gross!


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