Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Review

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream EDT

Marc Jacobs Daisy fans rejoice because the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette makes an appearance for Fall 2014.

Daisy Dream is inspired by daisies and blue skies and Marc Jacobs brings that inspiration to a fresh, lightly floral fragrance!

Although the notes are different I feel like many of Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances do smell similar. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream does have elements of the original fragrance but has a lighter more delicate fragrance for a fresher, airy fragrance.

It’s marketed as a fruity floral but for me it’s a light, fresh floral. At the first spray of the fragrance notes of blackberry, pear, and jasmine mix with soft white woods, musks, and the lightest touch of coconut water. You’ll find as it dries down the white woods and musk mingles with a bouquet of pretty blue wisteria.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

For me it really evokes the scent of a daisy or maybe several hundred daises in a grassy field on a warm sunny day! Even the glass bottle takes a note from the inspiration of its name as the fragrance is blue to mimic the bright blue sky and the silver cap and bottle is adorned with laced daises!

If you love soft, delicate, light, fresh florals I’m positive you’ll adore Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream!

It’s available now at Ulta,, Sephora, and as well as Macys and other locations!


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  • 8/14/14 11:46 EVILYN1983:

    I picked this up a couple weeks ago! My 3 year old loves Marc Jacobs perfumes and this bottle stood out to her at Sephora. She wanted it, I bought it, and now it has replaced her MC Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight as her new daily perfume. Every morning after her bath she asks “Mom get my perfume?” and she goes to the cabinet and grabs the bottle. I don’t even wear perfume that often but admit it smells wonderful! Not to over powering at all. Let’s see what MJ comes up with next.


    • 8/14/14 11:50 Isabella Muse:

      aww that is so cute!!!!!!!!!


  • 8/14/14 11:54 Diana:

    I love this but it doesn’t last for more than 1 hour on me :(


  • 8/14/14 12:15 Ashley:

    This is a very nice fragrance! Got a vial in the mail a sample from Sephora when I purchased something a few weeks back. We sell it at the store I work at, also. Its nice but also very expensive, but it smells unique and fresh. All of his fragrances are great the only one I never cared for was the LOLA.


  • 8/17/14 12:25 cat:

    The original Daisy smells terrible on my skin but I LOVE the bottle for this. Could I just get the bottle? Or better yet get the design on a T-shirt?


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