NARS Eye Paint Review & Swatches

NARS Eye Paint

NARS Eye Paint is a high impact eyeshadow that doubles up as eyeliner. NARS released Eye Paint a bit ago but I never got the chance to review them as other products got in the way!

So here are some of my thoughts on the NARS Eye Paint Eyeshadow.

To look at NARS Eye Paint one could easily think it’s merely another gel eyeliner. Not the case! Of course, you can double up and use the formula as an eyeliner but it also provides long lasting color all over your eyes as well!

Let’s be honest here, I’m positive man and woman have been using MAC Fluidline in such a fashion since the beginning of makeup time. But it’s always nice to finally have someone acknowledge the fact that sometimes it’s ok to use your gel eyeliner as an eyeshadow too!

These dry down super fast so you don’t have a lot of room for play time. You have to work fast to blend out and I find they go a little cakey when I build a second layer after the dry down. On the upside the formula is intensely pigmented so you can easily build, blend out, and get a smooth finish on a single application. I use the smaller Maybelline Color Tattoo Brush to pack the shadow onto my lid and I blend out using my finger. As a shadow they are really dramatic with a long strong wear of seven hours on my drier lids and some fading and creasing at hour eight. As an eyeliner they are just as lovely. The formula has the smooth, tug-free application one would expect from a good gel eyeliner and they do not wear away, fade, or flake well into ten hours of wear!

NARS Eye Paint Tatar

NARS Eye Paint (Tatar)

NARS Eye Paint Iskandar

NARS Eye Paint (Iskandar)

NARS Eye Paint swatches

NARS Eye Paint Swatches (Tatar and Iskandar)

Needless to say they are a real champ at multitasking. I dunno why but I expected them to be a one trick pony. To maybe work as a shadow but not be as great as an eyeliner. But NARS definitely did an excellent job with the formula but they excel as both an all over eyeshadow and an eyeliner.

NARS Eye Paint is perfect as a base for powders, worn alone, or as a liner. This is a handy formula for dramatic eye looks.

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  • 8/20/14 15:53 Phyrra:

    I’ve got like 6 of these at this point. I think they’re amazing. Plus, Black Valley (the matte black) actually will last on my waterline without clouding up my contacts. Such a great product.


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