NYX Simply Pink Lip Cream Collection Available Now

NYX Simply Pink Lip Cream Collection

Ohh so pink is your think? Well no problem we got a NYX Simply Pink Lip Cream Collection for you! NYX Cosmetics has let loose not one, not two, not even three lip cream pencil collections for Fall but FOUR! The Simply Pink Lip Cream Collection is the last in the line up of shades.

Have a look!

Get pretty in pink (Sorry, Duckie sold separately kids) with six shades of stunningly vibrant pink shades of these new NYX Lip Cream Pens in rosy shades with a glossy finish!


  • First Base
  • Enchanted
  • Flushed
  • French Kiss
  • XOXO
  • Primrose

These scrumptious shades are available now at nyxcosmetics.com.

  • 8/29/14 14:52 Alyssa:

    Can’t wait. I ordered xoxo and primrose a few days ago. I’m definitely a pinkaholic a heart so I’m psyched to get these!


    • 8/29/14 14:58 Isabella Muse:



  • 8/29/14 15:41 kathy:

    I saw these at Ulta yesterday – it’s so nice to be able to swatch these before you buy, especially since the variations in them are so subtle (especially in the Reds and Nudes).

    Also – more than 4! There are actually 6 different shades. :)


    • 8/29/14 15:52 Isabella Muse:

      awesome! I was actually referencing the collection shades, there are four total, simply nudes, simply reds, simply vampy, and simply pinks with six shades in each collection :)


      • 8/29/14 17:36 kathy:

        Of course – I see you listed all six out – should have read more closely. :) Thanks for spreading the word, Muse! Love coming here for a daily escape!


        • 9/2/14 12:03 Isabella Muse:

          my pleasure :)


  • 8/29/14 18:14 Angie:

    I really hope these collections hit the CVS displays!


  • 8/29/14 19:15 moda:

    hi isabella,

    really cute lip creams; but no global shipping option on nyxcosmetics.com :/
    its too bad.


  • 9/1/14 13:28 Christine Joy Luikuo:

    I hope you’ll review the entire collection, Miss Muse. =)


    • 9/2/14 11:36 Isabella Muse:

      i dunno about the entire collection but def some of them 😀


      • 9/2/14 13:36 Christine Joy Luikuo:

        Hopefully Simply Vamp will be included in that “some”.

        By the way, is this permanent or limited edition?


        • 9/2/14 13:45 Isabella Muse:

          permanent I believe from my understanding 😀 I can’t recall exact shades I ordered tbh ;-D but it was a few!!!!!!! promise to get swatches up shortly!


          • 9/2/14 13:57 Christine Joy Luikuo:

            Awesome! I still have more time to buy.

            Thanks, Miss Muse! =)

          • 9/2/14 14:41 Isabella Muse:

            😀 my pleasure!

  • 9/3/14 0:45 Kayla:

    Hey, I was looking up videos on youtube of this product because I saw it on your page and I came across a video that had your blog word-for-word on it. Thought you should know. Here’s the link:
    I found it by searching for NYX Simply Pink


    • 9/3/14 9:38 Isabella Muse:

      thanks kayla will def contact youtube!


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