NYX Tea Tree Skin Elixir Review & Swatches

NYX Tea Tree Skin Elixir

NYX Tea Tree Skin Elixir ($12) is a new balancing facial primer created with tea tree oil for blemish or acne prone skin. I actually don’t have issues with acne myself but so many requested a review on this I decided to give you some information and swatches on the product.

NYX Tea Tree Skin Elixir is actually one of two new face primers that NYX recently introduced for Fall. Studies should that tea tree oil has a very positive effect on mild acne and using a certain amount is almost as good as a benzoyl peroxide application. It’s also quite good for oily skin. I’m actually currently using and loving the NYX Q10 Skin Elixir which in terms of formula is about the same as the Tea Tree texture. Both have a gel-like consistency that absorbs instantly into skin and leaves skin pleasantly moist. Funny thing is I imagine oily skin cringes at anything moist but really it smooths skin very nice and as it sets it leaves skin soft by not dewy or shiny. My skin is dry but in the Summer I do get a bit of shine and oil around my t-zone and forehead and this seems to keep that oil at bay for me.

NYX Tea Tree Skin Elixir swatches

NYX Tea Tree Skin Elixir Swatches

Now granted, I’m unsure how well it’ll work on super oily skin but on the moderate amount of oil and shine my skin produces it seems to work a treat to keep things balance. It’s also a nice prep for makeup because it smooths over my drier cheeks and creates a nice soft base for my makeup.

Of course, I’m unsure if this treat blemishes but it could prove soothing for those suffering from acne or blemishes. I will warn you this smells kinda gross! It kinda has a coppery scent mixed in with the medicine-like scent of the tea tree oil!

I do prefer the Q10 for my own skin but the NYX Tea Tree Skin Elixir might be a good pick for oily, acne prone skin. These formulas are specially nice if you want something that doesn’t have that traditional silicone facial primer texture. They absorb very easily and almost feel like a skincare!

Although I will say the size is small for the $12 price tag so you might wish to wait for a sale at Ulta or Ulta.com when NYX is BOGO.

The NYX Tea Tree Skin Elixir is available now at nyxcosmetics.com.

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