Sephora Introduces Solid Brush Cleaner

Sephora Brush Cleanser

Meet the new Sephora Dry Clean Solid Brush Cleanser! Why did it capture my eye? Because it has argan oil and a warm Moroccan fragrance.

STHU and get in my cart now!

Dry, solid, even brush gloves have been trending this Summer! New and innovative ways to clean your brushes seem to be the new hit of the moment so of course Sephora has gotten in on the act with this new Solid Brush Cleanser.

I dunno how it works to be honest but it is a solid brush and a sponge cleanser that promises to remove makeup, dirt, etc…and it comes with a soothing, conditioning argan oil formula which intrigued me and I admit I wouldn’t mind my makeup brushes smelling like an exotic fragrance!

I ordered one!

Curious how it works!

Anyone try it?

The Sephora Solid Brush Cleaner is available now at for $14.


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  • 8/27/14 11:53 Fancie:

    I’m so excited to try this! I was just going to grab another Beauty Blender solid cleanser but I’m going to try this instead. The formula sounds really nice and I like that it comes with the little scrub thingy too


  • 8/27/14 12:44 Andi:

    I already have one of these (my local store had them out before they were online), and I’ve used it. It’s a lovely smelling bar of soap and the silicone pad is useful. Personally, I prefer using their Precisiob Pore Cleansing Pad for my eye brushes, but the texture that comes with this is good for larger face brushes. Word to the wise, rinse longer than you think you need. My brushes came out amazing, but it took a lot of rinsing.


    • 8/27/14 12:57 Isabella Muse:

      thanks for the heads up andi!


  • 8/27/14 12:53 Vanessa C:

    I’m curious about this! the Beauty Blender solid cleaner is my holy grail, takes out everything easily and lasts me up to 3 months! .. I may need to try this just to be nosy lol


  • 8/27/14 13:07 Ashley:

    Hey Muse! I bought this during the triple points week and it’s very nice. It doesn’t quite trump the Beauty Blended solid cleanser in my eyes, but it does the job, just not as efficiently. I appreciate the little scrubber in the cap as well, lol.


    • 8/27/14 13:10 Isabella Muse:

      I’m quite excited to try this Ashley 😀 thanks for sharing! it intrigues me for sure 😀


      • 8/27/14 13:55 Ashley:

        I forgot to add; it definitely smells wonderful!!


        • 8/27/14 13:59 Isabella Muse:

          THAT’S one reason I wanted it hehe!


  • 8/27/14 13:57 PixieWitch:

    I just bought this Isabella… i will let you know how it works.


    • 8/27/14 13:59 Isabella Muse:

      yay 😀 looking forward to it. I’m planning on shopping the vib sale so gonna pop it in my cart too! Looking forward to your thoughts!


  • 8/27/14 16:45 Jilli:

    It’s a great product. I used to use my sister’s solid Beautyblender cleaner on the sly, but I felt like the soap stayed in my brushes. Lots of rinsing, as mentioned above, is a good idea, but it’s great for quickly cleaning brushes after getting ready. I feel like I’ve been more conscientious of cleaning with it. Smells great too.


  • 8/27/14 18:00 Annie:

    This is very tempting!

    The silicone pad looks great but I dunno if this will beat out my HG: Dr. Bronner’s Rose Castile Bar Soap. It doesn’t have the scrubby…but it works amazingly and you cannot beat the price: $5


  • 8/27/14 20:42 chibi639:

    I use the Japonesque solid brush cleaner ($20 for 2 oz. at Ulta). It gets my brushes super clean, rinses easily, conditions the hairs, smells lovely and lasts forever. It’s my HG brush cleaner, but I could be willing to cheat. $14 is a fair price and I’m very curious to try this, especially for the nubby silicone pad! Beats using my fingers any day. :)


  • 8/28/14 12:57 Dee:

    I’m excited to try this! I’ve been using a washcloth, but I like the little pad this comes with more. The price is good and there’s oil in it! Awesome.


  • 8/28/14 15:37 Cj:

    It took me a while to realize the bumpy pad wasn’t the soap >.> I think I need more coffee…


  • 8/29/14 6:43 Astrild:

    I hope it’ll be soon available in Spain. I cannot wait to try it.


  • 9/2/14 8:48 PixieWitch:

    Update: I finally got a chance to use this weekend. There are really no instructions so i figured you are supposed to use the round plastic containers to hold the soap and silicon pad. It has a nice smell when lathered and seems to clean pretty well, but honestly, i think that using your palm for cleaning brushes works better than this.. i don’t dislike, i just don’t find it any more efficient.


    • 9/2/14 9:21 Isabella Muse:

      hmmm doesn’t sound good! Thanks for sharing Pixie!


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