Urban Decay Subversion for Fall 2014

Urban Decay Subversion

I REALLY want to try out Urban Decay Subversion which is a new lash primer and conditioner for Fall 2014. I didn’t really love the performance I got with Urban Decay Perversion Mascara so I’m wondering if using Urban Decay Subversion prior might add a little more boost to the formula.

Urban Decay Subversion ($20) acts to prime lashes with a creamy, whipped up conditioning formula that allows mascara to glide onto lashes. It adds weight to lashes which gives mascara something to catch and grab onto so you’ll better more dramatic results when pairing it with your favorite mascara. Plus the creamy formula is supposedly super conditioning courtesy vitamin E!

They actually sell give you a free sample with any Perversion Mascara purchase!

Count me curious as maybe Urban Decay Subversion might tip me into the realms of being as wowed as everyone else is with the Perversion Mascara formula.

What do you think?

Available now at urbandecay.com

  • 8/5/14 3:24 Eriu:

    This is definitely one to try…I’m curious to see of it will hold curl. The last time I tried a lash primer after curling and then putting on mascara, my curl was gone in 30 minutes! And it was waterproof mascara which always holds curl for me!


  • 8/5/14 10:01 Katie:

    I got the sample with my perversion purchase this weekend. And while the jury’s still out on perversion, I looooooove the primer! I get so much more length and volume using it with my mascara than I do without. It’s great.


    • 8/5/14 10:17 Isabella Muse:

      I’m a little blah on perversion so I’m hoping the primer will add a little boost to perversion’s formula 😀


  • 8/5/14 10:23 Rina:

    I test-drove them both at Sephora and was meh on both. Since I have other mascara and primers already I passed.


  • 8/5/14 14:01 Sarah:

    I bought this duo last week and love it. For me the primer really helps separating my lashes and the mascara goes on really smoothly. Even better, though, is the fact that I sweat profusely and so far this hasn’t given me raccoon eyes but is still easy to remove. I’ve reached for this out of all my mascaras since the day it arrived.


  • 8/7/14 13:54 Beth:

    I have used the Perversion by itself and do like it but I absolutely love it with the Subversion primer. I haven’t tried the primer with any other mascaras yet but when I use it with the Perversion I love the look.


  • 8/9/14 2:07 Viki:

    This looks good, looking forward to the review!


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