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Daily Concepts Your Exfoliating Gloves Review

Daily Concepts Your Exfoliating Gloves 1

At some point in your skincare life you have had a product like Daily Concepts Your Exfoliating Gloves hanging out in your shower stall. I’ve actually had weird moments like, “Dude, there’s a pair of gloves in your shower stall. Do you, like, get cold or something when you take a shower?” This is when you know the guy you’re dating thinks that washing your face with body soap is all the rage.

Men, they don’t get it.

Needless to say I think we’ve all owned a pair of these at one point right?



Everybody Lush Rock Your Body Yeah!

Lush Rock Your Body

Everybody yeahhhhh rock your body! With the Lush Rock Your Body Gift Set of course. I could not resist getting in some Backstreet Boys in there. As an anti-Backstreet Boy fan and an embarressing one of New Kids circa 1900 or something along those lines I’ll happily admit that song gives me an ear worm and just makes me want to bop my head to it.

The new Lush Rock Your Body Gift Set is course includes essentials for rocking your body…or something like that.

Btw…the internet is a wonderful thing because someone posted Jedward singing Rock Your Body on YouTube. Seriously, Jedward singing it?

Freaking A people!

More deets about the set below!


Ginger & Co A Soap & Glory Dupe?

Ginger & Co

Ginger & Co is a newish company that came under my beauty radar recently due to their whimsical packaging which quite reminded me of a Soap & Glory dupe.

Anyone see these products at their local Ulta yet? I haven’t to be honest but I did see them on Ulta’s website and it was a line that did make me go hmmmmmm!


A Little Sneak Peek of Philosophy Fall 2013

Bath & Body Works Fall 2013

Philosophy gifts us with a little sneaky peek of their Fall 2013 Collection today! As an avid and obsessive collector of Philosophy Shower Gel I always look forward to their Fall Shower Gels!

This year, we get a glimpse of one old favorite and one new shower gel!

Take a look!


I Need Mizon King To The Kong All In One Cleanser

Mizon King To The Kong All In One Cleanser

Have you met Mizon’s little mascot King to the Kong? He makes an appearance on the Mizon King to the Kong All in One Cleanser and many other fine Mizon products. I think he’s rather darling! Those big juicy lips, his love for great skincare, and that king of all things beauty attitude really has me crushing!

Mizon’s popular King to the Kong Skincare Collection has gained quite a cult following in Korea and recently in the US as Evil-bayers started stocking their online stores with many Mizon products.

I dunno what it is but a cartoon on my beauty products pulls me in like no one’s business. I put a ton of importance on good packaging and Mizon def has that whimsical packaging I favor.

So what is Mizon King to the Kong All In One Cleanser?

Jump ahead, you’ll be amazed with this one!