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Philosophy Shower Gels for Summer 2012

Philosophy Shower Gels Summer 2012

Here are a few of the new Philosophy Shower Gels popping up for Summer 2012.

Yes, please, I’d love the Philosophy Pink Frosted Animal Cracker Shower Gel but I’m kinda sorta on a shower gel ban. *hangs head in shame* I have too many to get through, can’t buy more, bad Muse!

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Philosophy Italian Soda Bar Collection Summer 2012

Philosophy Italian Soda Bar Collection Summer 2012 5

My mum is Italian and she always told us when we were little that water was Italian Soda. Needless to say we got all excited about drinking water because we thought it was something super special.

Yeah, Italian Soda, sure…!

The best Italian Soda in the world, imho, is from a little ice cream shop located in Bar Harbor, Maine (or should I say bah haba) but this could be debatable now that Philosophy has opened their own little version of the Italian Soda Bar.


Lush Party On Shower Jelly

Lush Party On Shower Jelly

I probably can write a book by now with details about insane things that have happened during my Lush Shower Jelly experiences. Slips in the shower, people mistaking Shower Jelly for dessert in my fridge, watching most of it circle my drain while not cleansing my body….

Ahh the tales I can regale you with!

After all that woe I still want to try out the new Lush Party On Shower Jelly.

I never learn.

Party on Wayne, Party on Garth, Party on Lush! \m/!


Philosophy I Love Jam Shower Gel Set

Philosophy I Love Jam Shower Gel Set

Do you love jam?

Not me.

I’m a jelly girl myself.

But I wouldn’t mind it in my shower!

Btw…Philosophy is 25% Off!


Avon Naturals Ice Cream Scrub So True to Life I Want To Eat Them!

Avon Naturals Ice Cream Scrub 300

The new Avon Naturals Ice Cream Scrubs look good enough to eat.


I want.