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Lush Holiday Chat Party 2011

Time to party down peeps!

From 2 pm to 9pm (PST) join Lush’s Holiday Chat Party.

The party is a live event that includes limited edition products, Lushie trivia, and chances to win Lush goodies!

They’ll be retro Christmas products, web only specials, plus the official launch of the Lush Halloween 2011/Day of the Dead Collection.

Limited edition products available during the chat party will be:

  • Iced Wine Jelly 240g $10.95
  • Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar $6.95
  • A Gold Star Bubble Bar $7.95
  • Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar $6.95
  • Bling Crosby Bubble Bar $7.95
  • Green Party Bath Bomb $5.95
  • Silver Cloud Bath Bomb $5.95
  • Snowdrop Bath Bomb $5.95
  • Jacko Ballistic Bath Bomb $5.95
  • Cobweb Ballistic Bath Bomb $5.95
  • Calacas Shower Jelly $5.95
  • Lady Catrina Soap (100g) $6.95
  • Pumpkin Knot Wrap $3.95
  • Humango Bath Bomb $14.95
  • Magic Bath Bomb $6.95

To join in on the chat party visit this link at the time stated above.


Lush Cosmetics Halloween Collection 2011

Happy Halloween Lushies!

This year, oddly enough, Lush introduced its Holiday 2011 Collection before its Halloween one.


No idea what those cheeky monkees at Lush are up to but here’s what’s on the horizon for our favorite spooky time of year.



Philosophy Pumpkin Spice Muffin Shower Gel

Philosophy Pumpkin Spice Muffin Shower Gel is back for a limited time at

Celebrate Fall with the scent of fresh-baked, pumpkin spice muffins in your shower!

What are your favorite Fall shower gels?

Right now I’m really loving the Cinnamon Hot Dots Shower Gel from Philosophy in my morning shower, mmm warm spicy fun!


Lush Christmas Gifts 2011 Lush Holiday 2011 Gifts

Mmm Lush doesn’t have a slew of wrapped gifts this year and only one $60 Hatbox! Eep! I normally like hauling the big one for $100 and getting some of everything from the Christmas Collection, how sad…! Hopefully new introductions will be made as the Holiday draws closer.

Take a look!


Lush Holiday 2011 Lush Christmas 2011 Collection

I haven’t been following the Lush UK Forum but I know they are partying down on October 5th…I had thought this would be when they launch Lush Christmas Holiday 2011….however, they have announced it already both on the UK and NA site…since I haven’t been tracking the going ons maybe this means they’ll have some special Halloween goodies available during the forum party? As it seems Lush has skipped right over Halloween this year…


How about Lush Holiday 2011 for now?

You game?