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Soap & Glory’s at Sephora

Soap Glory at Sephora

Target, as you may know, is no longer a retailer for Soap & Glory product, much to my dismay. As of now the only way to get your fix is to stock up on whatever is left at your local Target or start hauling it from England if you have the means.

But today Soap & Glory released a little news about one of its new retailers, wait, not so fast, don’t get too excited because the retailer isn’t in the US as of yet.



Ulta Fall 2010 3-in-1 Shower Smoothies


Bath & Body Works Spider Sponge

I am deathly scared of spiders. I mean seriously freak the eff out scared. I dunno why but every since I was a kid I couldn’t even look at a spider without crying.

Needless to say my taste in spiders has matured. I still hate the little buggers and they still scare me terribly but I’m somehow wicked weird obsessed with collecting totes, pieces of jewelry, and other fanfare that has a spider theme.

Yeah, I’m odd.

Bath & Body Works has a Spider Shower Puff….

I wants it.



Beauty Most Unusual: Cat Food Soap

SOAP 2010

It’s been such a while between our Musings about Beauty Most Unusual.

I’m sorry. I think you enjoy them as much as I do but it’s been such a busy time wrapping up Summer and heading into Fall 2010 that Beauty Unusual got tossed to the back burner.

But today, today I have a gem of a product for you.

Beauty Most Unusual at its best!

Check it!


Caress Whipped Souffle Body Wash White Peach Cream and Blackberry Cream: Back to School Beauty and Cosmetic Budget Picks

Back to School

August 11th peeps that means we are nearly half way through the month and you, if you’re in high school or college, have probably already started shopping for your return to class.

Yay….heavy sarcasm on the yay there because most of you are probably groaning and dragging your butts to Target, Staples, and Walmart whining all the way. Sucks going back after all that time off doesn’t it? But hey embrace it! It’s the best time of the year to experience new beauty, skincare, cosmetics, and other bits and bobs.

Since I happened to be a broke as smoke college student at one time in my life I thought I’d do a Back to School Beauty and Cosmetic Budget Pick Series which highlights some great buys that won’t burst your bank account. I’ll be spotlighting cosmetics, skincare, and other fab little finds for those of you heading Back to School!

Caress Whipped Souffle Body Wash 1

Jump ahead for my first pick and keep it tuned in for new finds daily to make Back to School easier and cheaper!