For Your Shower and Bath

New in Beauty: Philosophy Lemon Angel Food Cake and Philosophy Cherry Angel Food Cake Shower Gel

New Philosophy Shower Gels is always the order of business around these parts and as far as the Muse is concerned if it contains cherry it’s VERY much blog business.



The Body Shop Dewberry Shower Gel Review and The Body Shop DewBerry Body Lotion Review

I was a little bit of a tom boy growing up and most Summer’s I’d be up at the crack of dawn playing outside with my best friend Jonathan. We’d stay out all day long, this was of course B.I. (Before Internet). One thing I do remember is the holly berries that seemed to have a knack of appearing in our play time. We’d concoct strange recipes with them, feed them to his action figures, and just sit there and squash them for hours on end. One thing we did not do was eat them. My mum put the fear of god in me about consuming or trying to consume a deadly holly berry, she also said to never eat dirt. Bless, I learned alot from my dear old mum about nature growing up.

Moral of the story is that at first sniffle of the new Body Shop Dewberry Shower and The Body Shop Dewberry Body Lotion…hmm how reminiscent of childhood!



Do Not Want: Creer Beaute Bathing Salts

It isn’t any great secret I’m a big fan of Japanese beauty products and a big fan of baths, yes I like a bath from time to time and even a shower or two, the Muse isn’t afraid of a little water and contrary to belief she will not melt or multiply when wet.

Creer Beaute Bathing Salts combines two of my favorite things, bathing and Japanese beauty, these bathing salts are one thing however that I DO NOT WANT!



Philosophy Raspberries and Cream Shower Gel & Lotion

Here’s something berry sweet from Philosophy. Available excuslvely from QVC, new Philosophy Raspberries and Cream Shower Gel & Lotion sold together for $34.

Raspberries and Cream? I can get on board with that.

You get:

  • Philosophy Raspberries and Cream Shower Gel
  • Philosophy Raspberries and Cream Body Lotion

Check it by visiting QVC.

Philosophy Shower Gel fan?

What are your favs?

At the moment my fav is Flirty Girl! Loves it!


New in Beauty: Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom Body Lotion and Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom Shower Gel

Mmm a little something new from Philosophy!

Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom Body Lotion ($24) and Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom Shower Gel ($16) is infused with the fresh scent of wild blackberry blossoms!

Not sure yet but looks interestin’ enough but question is will it be fruit and sweet or perhaps floral?

Either always delightful to see something new pop up for Philosophy for Spring!

What do you think?

Available now at Nordstrom.