Bobbi Brown Bobbi’s Party Eau de Parfum Review

Bobbi Brown Bobbis Party Eau de Parfum

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Bobbi’s new Party Parfum but I was thinking along the lines of Lush Snowshowers or perhaps a little Philosophy Bubbly, you know, sparkling, effervescent…that’s my thoughts of a party fragrance!

Turns out Bobbi’s Party Eau de Parfum is none of those things but it is interesting and quite unique to say the least.

Let’s peek it!

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Meow! by Katy Perry Fragrance

Meow by Katy Perry Fragrance 1

The Katy Perry Purr Perfume was probably the highlight of my perfume life when it released. Seriously, adorable bottle right? Plus I generally enjoy Katy, she’s sweet, cute, talented, and she hasn’t gotten on my nerves yet (that’s saying something as I get annoyed easily by celebs).

In reality, no offense Katy, Purr just stunk to high heaven. It so wasn’t me. Did you smell it? What did you think? It was a big nay for me.

But no worries Katy has a new fragrance on the horizon and it may be exactly what I’m looking for!

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Immortal Twilight Fragrance

Immortal Twilight Fragrance 1

I love me some Twilight as much as the next fan girl but I’ll readily admit that the films did jump into the realms of ridiculous. It’s ok, even Twi’harders can agree the films are fun but all kinds of cra-zees! Oh god those contacts! Groan!

Now I’ll tell you something else that’s stupid silly, the Immortal Twilight Fragrance.

Oy vey!

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Lush Forum Exclusive Fragrances for Holiday 2011

Lush Forum Exclusive Fragrances for Holiday 2011 2

Lush UK had their traditional Forum Party this week and like any party they have pre-Christmas it includes several exclusive Forum Fragrances!


I’m not nearly as active as I used to be on the forums but I’ve been ordering the exclusive fragrances for at least 8 years or so now since they are unique blends that Lush doesn’t normally do.

Take a look!

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Benefit Crescent Row Set for Holiday 2011 Review

Benefit Crescent Row Set for Holiday 2011 001

If you haven’t experienced the joys of the Benefit Crescent Row Fragrance Collection now is your chance to try four of them in one gift set.

The Benefit Crescent Row Set is available for a limited time this Holiday Season and comes decked out in a sweet little box for giving and spotlights four of the eight Crescent Row Fragrances.

Let’s take a peek!

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