Bath & Body Works Tahiti Island Dream Eau de Parfum Review

Bath & Body Works Tahiti Island Dream

Bath & Body Works Tahiti Island Dream Eau de Parfum is a new Summer 2015 fragrance that launched with the Bath & Body Works Tahiti Island Dream Collection. It’s unclear to me at the moment whether Bath & Body Works Tahiti Island Dream Eau de Parfum is limited edition or if it will remain a permanent part of the Bath & Body Works Perfume Collection. I imagine it’ll be permanent but unfortunately, I’m a little iffy about that.

I applaud Bath & Body Works for introducing more perfumes lately. Recently, they did five 1 oz perfume blends for their Hawaii Collection, all of which I hauled, which I thought was an excellent addition to the release. Why? Because no matter how many times they tell me they reformulated their fragrance mist it still has poor sillage. And yes, I know, everyone tells me, “LAYER!” but I’m not a fan of Bath & Body Works Body Lotion, it’s sticky, so I don’t think it’s so unrealistic to want a fragrance mist which actually has a little bit of saying power. That’s why I do prefer their perfumes as they do have a better linger and a stronger throw for me. Honestly, I wish they had released a few of the Southern Comfort fragrances in a perfume as I’d buy them!

So indeed, right now I’m happy with the way things are going at Bath & Body Works Perfume headquarters. Keep launching the perfumes and I’ll keep buying ’em!


Gorilla Perfumes Volume 3 Collection

Gorilla Perfumes Volume 3 Collection

Gorilla perfume fan? Well, Lush has listed 7 new Gorilla fragrances in a new permanent collection.

Lush has always dabbled in perfume particularly with their other company (that unfortunately closed shopped), B Never. Around 2009-2010 Lush introduced their new line of fragrances titled simply Gorilla. The Gorilla line included several new fragrances and later on Lush rebranded old favorites like Karma and included them in the Gorilla Collection. Soon, much to my delight, they started to also include B Never fragrances in the Gorilla permanent collection (although I still have hopes at some point they will bring back B Never’s Keep it Fluffy perfume!).

Gorilla is exciting for me because I truly believe Lush knows how to create incredible fragrances. Simon, son of Mark Constantine, one of Lush’s co-founders, is responsible for some of the greatest Lush perfumes I own (and likely the creator of the fragrances of some of your favorite bath products too!). Like his dad, he has an incredible nose for fragrance and creates some truly unique scents.

If you’re a lover of niche fragrances I’m sure you’ll be as excited as I am about these new fragrances.

Take a look!


Cake Beauty Be Delectable Hair & Body Mist Set Review

Cake Beauty Be Delectable Hair & Body Mist Set2

I recently picked up this Cake Beauty Be Delectable Hair & Body Mist Set ($14) at on a whim because, hey, who even knew Cake was sold at Kohl’s!?

I’ve never made any secret that I love multitasking products (and ones that smell like cake and desserts and yummy foods) so this formula that doubles up as both a Hair & Body Mist totally made my day!


Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey City Blossom Review

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey City Blossom3

The limited edition Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey City Blossom Perfume ($76) arrives just in time for warm weather (and Mother’s Day) with a bouquet of fresh Spring notes that gives off a lightweight, flirty little scent.

Let’s take a look!


I’ve Always Wanted to Smell Like…


A Sanrio store! Those Hello Kitty erasers as a child and that grape gum that lost its taste within moments of the first chew just smelled so damn amazing. Lucky enough Demeter makes sure I can smell like Sanrio with their perfume which celebrates all things good about Hello Kitty, stickers, erasers, and awesome pencil cases.

Ah to be young again!

demeter sanrio

How about you?

What have you always wanted to smell like?

Is there a fragrance available for it?

If not, do you wish there was?

Fill in the beauty blank, ‘I”ve Always Wanted to Smell Like__________________.”