BCBG Max Azaria Eau de Parfum Spray

Everyone is hitting the rose or floral topper hard this year.

I’d say the trend started with the introduction of Marc Jacobs Lola. The Bieb copped a bit with his Somebody Fragrance but according to many news sources Marc Jacobs was a-ok with it. Hey, copying, the ultimate form of flattery right?

Of course off the topic of floral toppers…but why was everyone so cuckoo for cocoa puffs with that Somebody fragrance? I thought it smelled overwhelming as hell.

Anyway…floral toppers…

Finally Vera Wang went ALL out with her Lovestruck fragrance. This one takes an entire bouquet and pops it on the top of the perfume bottle.

Following in the footsteps of many greats BCBG Max Azaria Eau de Parfum Spray gives us their rendition of the ever popular floral topper.


Clean Skin Eau de Parfum Review

I can’t start a review of Clean Skin Eau de Parfum without reliving my geeky childhood. Remember Stand by Me? My friend Christina and I were obsessed with that movie so much so we greeted each other with the very corny, “Gimme some skin” quote handshake unquote.

Let’s not forget that my crush at the time was Casey Siemaszko, dood, what the hell even happened to him? Can we haz a Casey Siemaszko where is he now VH1 Special?

According to his IMDb he’s been quite busy…ha who knew?

Speaking of skin…

Clean Skin Eau de Parfum is the newest fragrance added to the Clean family.

Let’s take a look!


Clean Blockbuster Collection with Travel Case

I happen to be in full azz zombie mode at the moment..It’s October, it’s Halloween, it’s time for zombies!


Holiday has a way of crashing all our champagne wishes, caviar dreams, and zombie fetishes…! Someone really does need to Kidnap the Sandy Claws and fast.

If you’re busy bustling around and preparing to gift your friends and family with the best beauty gifts every you might want to check out the Clean Blockbuster Collection which features ten great Clean products.



Betsey Johnson Too Too Eau de Parfum

Betsey Johnson Too Too get in my stomach.

OMG I must have you for my very own.

Bringing together her love and passion for dance Betsey Johnson created her flirty new fragrance, Too Too.

I’m in lust with the bottle…!


Benefit Ring my Bella Eau de Toilette Review

Benefit Cosmetics moved me into Crescent Row recently. They realized how important a part I had to play in the Crescent Row Fragrance Collection thus naming their newest fragrance after, you guessed it, yours truly.


I wish that was the case but hey, the good news is at least I share the name of the newest Crescent Row girl, Bella!

Ring my Bella is a fruity, floral, sweet seductive fragrance that’s sure to please the sweetie floral types out there.

Let’s take a peek!