Escada Born in Paradise for Spring 2014

Escada Born in Paradise Perfume

It’s Spring, Spring means a new Escada Fragrance lads and ladies! This year we get Escada Born in Paradise for the Spring 2014 season. Last year we got the very awesome and amazing Cherry in the Air which I simply adored.

Winter is in the air but Spring break is all I can think about so hook me up with a little of it Escada and take me away to paradise.


Juicy Couture La La Mailbu EDT Review

Juicy Couture La La Mailbu 1

Heads up Juicy Couture La La fans as this Spring you’ll be able to get your hands on a new La La fragrance!

The new Juicy Couture La La Mailbu Eau de Toilette Spray brings together a light, clean scent for Spring with sparkling notes of mandarin and a touch of sweet pink sugar.

Take a peek!


Bath & Body Works Forever Red Vanilla Rum Review

Bath Body Works Forever Red Vanilla Rum

Bath & Body Works Forever Red Vanilla Rum Eau de Parfum arrives just in time for Holiday 2013 gifting. I do believe the Bath & Body Works Forever Red Collection is possibly one of the better fragrances the brand has released in recent years.

Mind you, I’m not terribly keen on it myself but there isn’t any denying it is unique especially in the world of repetitive Bath & Body Works fragrances. Plus it is affordable. It’s quite a complex fragrance with an excellent throw and wear time so at this price there is something to be said about this collection.

Upon launching Forever Red Vanilla Rum I had some reservations because I didn’t really like the original Forever Red.

Take a look!


Bath & Body Works Velvet Sugar New Fragrance

Bath Body Works Velvet Sugar

Bath & Body Works is getting fancy with the fragrance bottles lately point in case the new Bath & Body Works Velvet Sugar Eau De Parfum. How very Victoria’s Secret of them with this bottle (the brands are sisters anyway so I’m happy some of VS’s charm is rubbing off on BBW).

It’s been a while since Bath & Body Works captured my eye with fragrances because their scents are very, very, very repetitive. I love that they provide so much variety and launch so many collections a year. But I’d love it if they just did three or four big fragrance launches a year that are completely unique versus ten to twelve that are exactly the same…!

But Velvet Sugar sounds interesting enough now to smell it!


Missed the Lush Fragrance Round?

Lush 2013 Exclusive Fragrance Collection

Shame on you! Missed out on the Lush Fragrance round? Awww!

No worries get ‘em now from Lush UK.

Available fragrances:

  • Calacas
  • Ponche
  • Rose Jam
  • Snowcake

Is anyone surprised Big didn’t make Rose Jam permanent by now!?

And yes, Lush UK ships worldwide including the US.

And yes, Lush US still has Ponce, Snow Fairy, and Snowcake in stock! Shop it at