Missed the Lush Fragrance Round?

Lush 2013 Exclusive Fragrance Collection

Shame on you! Missed out on the Lush Fragrance round? Awww!

No worries get ‘em now from Lush UK.

Available fragrances:

  • Calacas
  • Ponche
  • Rose Jam
  • Snowcake

Is anyone surprised Big didn’t make Rose Jam permanent by now!?

And yes, Lush UK ships worldwide including the US.

And yes, Lush US still has Ponce, Snow Fairy, and Snowcake in stock! Shop it at


Yves Rocher Vanilla Eau de Toilette Review

Yves Rocher Vanilla Eau de Toilette

I should up my review of Yves Rocher Vanilla Eau de Toilette by saying I’m not a vanilla fan girl. I sister loves the note and many of her fragrances her vanilla based but me…I dunno, I’m not really into it. Put it into a sugar cookie scented fragrance mist or some sort of vanilla cake perfume and I’d be on it but just a single note of vanilla? Naa…just not into it.

But Yves Rocher Vanilla Eau de Toilette can easily convert anyone plus did I mention it is merely six dollars?


Philosophy Loveswept Fragrance for Spring 2014

Philosophy Loveswept Fragrance

Look out Falling in Love you’ll have some competition for Spring 2014 as the new Philosophy Loveswept fragrance sweeps onto shelves in time for Valentine’s Day.

I think Falling in Love and Grace were two of my first Philosophy fragrances and I spent a good deal of time telling myself (and convincing myself) that I loved both when in fact I really didn’t. Especially Grace which everyone raves about but I simply can’t understand the love for….!

However, I’ll keep hope alive that this new Philosophy Loveswept will finally be the Philosophy perfume I fall for.


Vitabath Luscious Lemon Creme Body Mist Review

Vitabath Luscious Lemon Creme Body Mist

I picked up Vitabath Luscious Lemon Creme Body Mist ($9.95) during Vitabath’s Cyber Monday sale and of course, I loves it! Mmmm this smells so divine. If you’re a lover of cake-y lemony scents you’re bound to adore this.

Take a peek!


Juicy Couture Fragrance Coffret for Holiday 2013

Juicy Couture Fagrance Coffret

Juicy fans rejoice and indulge in this awesome Juicy Couture Fagrance Coffret ($49.50) for the Holidays (it’s an ideal gift as well) that includes a selection of Juicy’s popular fragrances.

Take a look!