Bpal Wand Cap Review

Bpal Wand Caps

When I started collecting Black Phoenix Alchemy Perfume Oils several years ago I remember being disappointed that they were no applicators for the oils. Each oil comes in a 5ML glass alchemy jar which is cute, vintage looking, and has a certain Gothic air about it! The perfume oil packaging with the custom labels are novel to say the least (I remember Beth used to hand print imp ear labels back in the day). But I remember my very first order I had a moment of, “well, ok, it smells nice, it looks nice, but how do I apply it?” and with that thought some disappointment upon realizing I had to place my finger over the opening of the bottle like a stopper and proceed to tip the bottle therefore wetting my finger with fragrance and proceeding to dab on my pulse points.

I also remember thinking, “There has to be a better way!?” I ended up doing a lot of searching, discussing with other BPAL lovers (because there are so many “How do you apply your BPAL oils?” threads on their forum) and finally discovering wand caps on E-bay. Basically these were the same size as the original bottle caps that graced the BPAL bottles but they had a short wand attached to the end to apply the oils from the bottle to your skin!


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Pralines and Powdered Sugar Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Pralines and Powdered Sugar

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Pralines and Powdered Sugar Perfume Oil is yet another fragrance celebrating the birth of Lilith, Ted and Beth’s daughter (owner’s of the Lab). This delicious fragrance promises the scent of praline ice cream and beignet dust! Mmmm I’m such a fan of foodie fragrance oils so of course, I purchased this!


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Captain Lilith and Her First Mate Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Captain Lilith and her First Mate

Every year Beth and Ted, owners of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, create a series of limited edition perfume oils celebrating their daughter, Lilith’s, birthday! What a great way to celebrate a child’s birthday and something, year’s from now, she can look back on. Each oil is inspired by events in Lilith’s life for that year. It’s kinda special because if you’re a fan of the Lab’s fragrance oil you kinda get a little piece of Lilith’s life with each oil!

Beth created her oils and they are available for a limited time on the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Ted’s oils actually make an appearance on the Lab’s sister site, Black Phoenix Trading Post, which is where collectibles, oils, soaps, candles, t-shirts, and more can be purchased. Ted’s oils were actually the most appealing to my nose so I purchased three of the seven he created.

One I didn’t purchase was “A Stroll Through The Quarter” but his little blurb on it was so touching that I thought I’d share, “People are always asking me, “Why do you carry Lilith on your shoulders all the time?” My answer is….simply because I love her. Someday she won’t want me to pick her up, and it will break my heart. “Pick me up, daddy!” will always be answered with a yes.” I thought it was really beautiful and also fitting because there are just so many times you’ll see a photo of Lilith and Ted together shared on across Beth’s social media and in most cases Lilith is indeed atop her dad’s shoulders in it.


One I did purchase that was very appealing to my pirate good nature (Hey, you’re either a pirate or a ninja in this world! And I happen to be pirate! Yo ho yo ho and a bottle of rum me maties!) was Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Captain Lilith and her First Mate!

These are my thoughts on the fragrance.

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The Bathing Garden Body and Hair Mist Review

The Bathing Garden Body and Hair Mist

I purchased some of The Bathing Garden Body and Hair Mists during the Halloween 2014 update recently! The Bathing Garden Body and Hair Mist is actually a new product that the indie brand offers (I’m sure you’ve heard me rave on and on about their tarts and more recently their whipped soap and their scrubs!) and ended up grabbing two of them recently when the shop opened for a Halloween sale.

The bad news is the two scents featured in my review are not available but the good news is the shop has reopened with new Holiday inspired fragrances in both the Body and Hair Mist formula as well as in the scrubs, whipped soap, and wax melts/tarts.

Let’s take a look!


Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Fragrance Launches Exclusively on HSN

Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Fragrance

Hey Harajuku Lovers! Gwen Stefani debuts her new Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Fragrance tomorrow, love on HSN! The five new Harajuku Lovers Perfumes will make an appearance during a two hour
Primetime Special featuring Gwen Stefani showing off her new cute fragrances.

As a fan of the Harajuku Lovers, I’m pretty excited about their return! Best part? The five Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Fragrances will launch in an HSN exclusive set featuring 1 oz bottles of each Eau de Parfum so no need to settle on a single fragrance as you can get all five in this set!

Take a look!