Victoria’s Secret Mini Atomizer Perfumes Launch

victoria's secret mini atomizer perfume

How stinking cute are these new mini Victoria’s Secret Atomizer Perfumes? Victoria’s Secret is launching their most popular fragrances in new smaller atomizers ($25 each for .4 fl. oz) that are perfect for travel.

Each fragrance comes in a mini glass bottle with an attached puff atomizer for application. Not only are they cute but they are also very pretty and perfect for vanity displaying!

Right now the mini atomizer fragrances come in five Victoria’s Secret scents such as Bombshell, Very Sexy, and Sexy Little Things Tease but I’m positive you’ll see more release!

Cute aren’t they?

You can get them now at


Miss Dior Hair Mist for Spring 2015

Miss Dior Hair Mist

Prepare yourself, Miss Dior Hair Mist is coming for Spring 2015! Miss Dior Hair Mist gets an early launch on Dior’s website (it’ll arrive on counters soon) and is a charming way to enjoy the Miss Dior fragrance but for your hair!


Avon Ultra Sexy Pink Eau de Toilette Review

Avon Ultra Sexy Pink Eau de Toilette

Avon Ultra Sexy Pink Eau de Toilette Spray ($23) is a new fragrance that launched for Spring 2015 just in time for Valentine’s Day! This cute little Spring pink fragrance with it’s ribboned packaging quite gave me a Valentine’s Day vibe!

I purchased it recently when Avon had a 20% Off sale and was even able to get Free Shipping as well so it wasn’t too bad a price.

Here’s some thoughts!


New Perfumes and Fragrances for Spring 2015

new perfume spring 2015

Spring is a great time to refresh your fragrance wardrobe and with so many new perfumes and fragrances upcoming for the season you won’t have a shortage of choices because there are plenty of light floral and fruity fragrances to enjoy!

Take a look at these new perfumes and fragrances for Spring 2015!


Etude House Funky Dress Belle Dress Shower Cologne Review

Etude House Funky Dress Belle Dress Shower Cologne

I recently purchased Etude House Funky Dress Belle Dress Shower Cologne with a majority of the other shower colognes since I fell in love with the Etude House Belle Dress Pretty Look Shower Cologne that came with my Memebox Etude House Beauty Box!

I LOVE these! Belle Dress smelled like a fruitier version of Victoria’s Secret Love Spell and had such a great long wear for a body mist that I decided to grab up a few more of these! I believe Etude House has them available in five different fragrances.

Let’s take a look at the Funky Dress fragrance.

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