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Philosophy Fresh Peaches with Cream

I thought Philosophy Apricots and Cream was the bomb dot com and now they gift us with Fresh Peaches with Cream, let me hear a hells yes!

Check it!


Jennifer Aniston Fragrance at Sephora

Have you tried the new Jennifer Aniston Fragrance available at Sephora?

Actress Jennifer Aniston first fragrance is a mix of night blooming jasmine, wild voilets, and Amazon lily. It has a warm finish of sensual musk, golden amber, and sandalwood.

Top these notes off with the freshness of citrus grove and rose water and you have a very interesting and unique fragrance experience!

I’ve been testing the scent out for a few days now, review coming soon, and so far it’s quite pleasant and interesting. I’m always a little wary of celebrity fragrances but Jennifer Aniston seems to have gotten this one down to an art form.

Have you smelled it yet?

Jennifer took some time out to create a Sephora Insider video for the fragrance launch before to describe the scent and the experience of using it, take a look!

Have you tried the new Jennifer Aniston Fragrance?

Love it?

Leave it?

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Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose Review

Who even knew that Avril Lavigne had her own fragrance? I must living under a rock.

When I got my hands on the bottle recently it kinda reminded me of a goth-y, Emily the Strange type fragrance you could buy at Hot Topic as the bottle has a black rose topper and the perfume is purple. I like the bottle alot, totally appeals to my inner goth.

How’s the fragrance?



Marc Jacobs Splash Collection for Summer 2011 Marc Jacobs Splash Cocktail Collection

I gave you a brief sneak peek of the new Marc Jacobs Splash Collection for Summer 2011 a few weeks ago. Good news, the splashes are available at Nordstrom now.

I haven’t sniffed them yet but here’s the deets on the three new splashes!


Purr by Katy Perry Spring Set

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