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Dear Russel Brand,

You sounded smoking hot on Howard Stern yesterday and you looked sizzling on the Today Show.

I still have chills.

k, lots of love.

Grab and Squeeze you laters!

-the Muse

Speaking of chills, I got chills and their multiplying and they have nothing to do with Russell Brand but they do have a little something to do with the cool, crisp scent of Philosophy Candy Canes!



Lush Iced Wine Jelly Review

I never really liked Jello. I commonly associate it with hospitals and horror movies. I mean do you really want to eat something that wriggles? Who knows what lays beneath all that. I bet if you left it on a table long enough it would slide right off under the guise that it was simply left out too long but we all know it’s EVIL!

Was The Blob a good upstanding citizen? NO! It almost consumed Steve McQueen and it did consume a mechanic, a janitor, and a bar room full of late night drinkers! HORROR! Why should you trust Jello in your stomach with a track record like that or for that matter in your shower!

Lush Iced Wine Jelly recently made its way into my shower. I’ve tried Lush Jelly in the past and I def don’t trust ‘em but I can’t deny some of them smell oh so gorgeous but I bet that masks an evil good nature.

Lush Iced Wine Jelly 7

Hopefully I won’t be consumed in the shower while I use it….if I am, remember me fondly would you?



Saturday Evening Post Individually Gift Boxed Soaps

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Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour

Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour1

Hey, hey!

Quick weekly post about the Jennifer Lopez’s new fragrance Love and Glamour. I’ll be reviewing the new fragrance shortly but you can learn more at which has a blog that features submissions by yours truly and other beauty bloggers. It contains tips, tricks, and all things glamorous!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Blue Pumpkin Floss Perfume Oil Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Blue Pumpkin Floss Perfume Oil 1

As you know from my prior posts I’ve been covering some BPAL perfume oils for Fall. If you aren’t in the know please see my prior post for some details and information about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

Today I have for you Blue Pumpkin Floss.

Let’s have a look at this perfume oil for Halloween!