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Another Year, Another Birthday for Lilith

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Captain Lilith and her First Mate

It’s my favorite time of the year. Fall, leaves, pumpkins, my own upcoming birthday, and of course, Lilith’s birthday! Lilith is the daughter of Elizabeth and Ted, co-founders of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. If you’ve been reading Musings of a Muse for a while you likely have read reviews on perfume oils from the Lab that date back as far as 2007. I’ve been buying, collecting, and wearing perfume oils from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for around 10 years now and one of my favorite seasonal collections from them is the limited edition Halloween fragrances. Six years ago Beth gave birth to a gorgeous little girl and each year she celebrates the joy of motherhood (and Ted the joy of fatherhood) with a selection of limited edition fragrances that are truly treasured scents and very worth hauling.

For me they are particularly delightful scents because many of them are foody in nature and I’m all about sweet, foody, and fruity scents. Not only do I enjoy the oils but I’m always terribly touched by the lovely blurbs of memories that Elizabeth and Ted write for each perfume oil describing special moments and milestones in Lilith’s life!

So here we are yet another year with another round of lovely birthday perfume oils in honor of Lilith.

If you’re a lover of perfume oils you’ll adore some of these scents!


Lush Halloween 2015 Is Here!

lush halloween 2015

Listen, it’s still Fall no matter how many Holiday Collections you see popping up! So let’s discuss Lush Halloween 2015 and get in the spirit for the best Holiday of the year (imho, of course!).

This year the Lush Halloween 2015 Collection brings back some old favorites like the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb and some new ones too like the Aliens and Monsters Fun Bar!

Take a peek at these treats!


Donna Karan Liquid Cashmere White & Liquid Cashmere Black Perfume

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Victoria’s Secret Forever Sexy Perfume for Fall 2015

Victoria's Secret Forever Sexy Perfume

Victoria’s Secret Forever Sexy Eau de Parfum ($58) is new Fall 2015 permanent fragrance being added to the Victoria’s Secret’s empire of perfumes.

This one comes housed wrapped in a pink ribboned bottle with a corseted back (you can’t see the back of the bottle in this image but it is quite lovely). It’s actually a golden amber scent with a sultry warm finish that contains notes of belladona orange, solar gardenia, and golden amber.

I’m not really a huge amber kinda girl but it’s probably one of the most popular notes I hear about among fragrance connoisseurs!

Count me curious because I am a Victoria’s Secret fan girl (plus I love their bottles and this one looks gorgeous).

Victoria’s Secret Forever Sexy Perfume is available in stores or online at in two sizes of 1.7 oz for $58 or 3.4 oz for $78.

What’s your fav VS fragrance?


Philosophy Pumpkin Icing Shower Gel for Fall 2015