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The Bathing Garden Body and Hair Mist Review

The Bathing Garden Body and Hair Mist

I purchased some of The Bathing Garden Body and Hair Mists during the Halloween 2014 update recently! The Bathing Garden Body and Hair Mist is actually a new product that the indie brand offers (I’m sure you’ve heard me rave on and on about their tarts and more recently their whipped soap and their scrubs!) and ended up grabbing two of them recently when the shop opened for a Halloween sale.

The bad news is the two scents featured in my review are not available but the good news is the shop has reopened with new Holiday inspired fragrances in both the Body and Hair Mist formula as well as in the scrubs, whipped soap, and wax melts/tarts.

Let’s take a look!


Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Fragrance Launches Exclusively on HSN

Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Fragrance

Hey Harajuku Lovers! Gwen Stefani debuts her new Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Fragrance tomorrow, love on HSN! The five new Harajuku Lovers Perfumes will make an appearance during a two hour
Primetime Special featuring Gwen Stefani showing off her new cute fragrances.

As a fan of the Harajuku Lovers, I’m pretty excited about their return! Best part? The five Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Fragrances will launch in an HSN exclusive set featuring 1 oz bottles of each Eau de Parfum so no need to settle on a single fragrance as you can get all five in this set!

Take a look!

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Lush Holiday and Christmas 2014 Available Now

lush christmas 2014 holiday

Time to celebrate Christmas with the Lush Holiday 2014 Collection! The Lush Christmas 2014 Collection had an early launch last week with a Chat Party that got things started. Unfortunately, I missed it as I was away a few days but I was happy to come back to Lush Holiday Bath & Body goodies to say the least.

Here’s what’s in stock for you this Christmas 2014 from Lush Cosmetics!


Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb Review

Lush Northern Lights

Who wants candy? It’s Halloween we all WANT candy! The Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb actually contains popping candy to give it a fizz and a pop in your bath tube! This spectacular bath bomb puts on quite a show in the tub and for that reason alone you might just want it!


Lush Wizard Bubble Bar Review

Lush Wizard

Slip into a relaxing bath with the new Lush Wizard Bubble Bar launching for Halloween 2014!

If you happen to be a lover of Lush Jingle Spells you’ll be quite excited to know this little Wizard spells just like it!