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Lush Baked Alaska Soap Review

Lush Baked Alaska Soap

Lush Baked Alaska Soap doesn’t really smell like Baked Alaska. When I was a child I always thought Baked Alaska was a fancier named for baked apples. My mom used to place apples in foil with cinnamon, sugar, and spices and bake them. They would come out of the oven all deliciously Fall and yummy! And for some reason I always associated them with Baked Alaska. No idea why?!

Needless to say when I was older and tried Baked Alaska for the first time it was nothing like those tasty apples and if anything was even more decadent.

Lush Baked Alaska Soap is a lot like those apples I had mistaken for an ice cream cake because this little soap is deceiving. There’s no ice cream here, no meringue, there is however, a tart, citrus-y treat that will make your nose tingle in happiness!


Curing Patchy, Dry Facial Skin

Curing Patchy Dry Facial Skin

Curing patchy, dry facial skin has become my personal quest as I happen to have drier, patchy skin on my cheeks. I once had a Chanel SA tell me that I had combo skin. I was with my friend Jai at the time and she was telling me this and I gave him the shifty “What’s she smoking?” eye look. See, I’d have believed her if she had said as such in the Summer because I can get a little T-Zone oily fun in the warmer weather. But it was dead Winter!


I struggle with patchy, drier areas on my face a good deal but lately it’s worst. I told you about my itchy neck epidemic recently and finding a cure for that now here’s a way for curing patchy, dry facial skin for ya.

And it’s cheap as chips too!


Lush So White Shower Gel Review

Lush So White Shower Gel

Lush So White Shower Gel is a new, limited edition shower gel that launched with the Lush Holiday/Christmas 2014 Collection. You’ll recognize So White from the past I’m sure as it’s been a bath bomb as well as a forum fragrance in its previous lives!

Let’s take a look!


The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Review

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee is one of three limited edition Holiday 2014 Fragrances. I can’t honestly recall if The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee was one of last year’s fragrances but it isn’t new that’s for sure as many fans have been reviewing it and comparing it to versions year’s past! It is however, new for me, as this is the first time I’m trying it!

As a huge massive lover of Stila Creme Bouquet it’s hard to find vanilla anything that’s as good as that fragrance! I love the beautiful vanilla cakiness of Creme Bouquet and it’s really difficult to replicate in any other vanilla fragrances. I’m not a hardcore vanilla fragrance fan anyway so finding one I actually like is such a rarity.

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee isn’t Creme Bouquet but it has some same creaminess and makes the vanilla notes a really focus point which is one reason to love it!


Wen Cleansing Conditioner 5 Piece Holiday 2014 Gift Set

Wen Cleansing Conditioner 5 Piece Holiday 2014 Gift Set

Now is a good time as any to try out Wen Cleansing Conditioner as there is a new Wen Cleansing Conditioner 5 Piece Holiday 2014 Gift Set that will be available on QVC shortly that contains five 16 oz Cleansing Condtioners in a variety of fragrances that each come in an individual box so you can keep a few for yourself and gift others!