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Lush Holiday and Christmas 2014 Available Now

lush christmas 2014 holiday

Time to celebrate Christmas with the Lush Holiday 2014 Collection! The Lush Christmas 2014 Collection had an early launch last week with a Chat Party that got things started. Unfortunately, I missed it as I was away a few days but I was happy to come back to Lush Holiday Bath & Body goodies to say the least.

Here’s what’s in stock for you this Christmas 2014 from Lush Cosmetics!


Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb Review

Lush Northern Lights

Who wants candy? It’s Halloween we all WANT candy! The Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb actually contains popping candy to give it a fizz and a pop in your bath tube! This spectacular bath bomb puts on quite a show in the tub and for that reason alone you might just want it!


Lush Wizard Bubble Bar Review

Lush Wizard

Slip into a relaxing bath with the new Lush Wizard Bubble Bar launching for Halloween 2014!

If you happen to be a lover of Lush Jingle Spells you’ll be quite excited to know this little Wizard spells just like it!


Benefit Bathina All Over Me Scented Body Mist Review

Benefit Bathina All Over Me Mist

As a huge fan of Maybe Baby I was beyond excited about the Benefit Bathina All Over Me Scented Body Mist ($30) that launched recently for the Fall/Holiday 2014 season. First off, I adore Bathina! Each new Bathina piece gets added happily to my Benefit Collection and I have some really old pieces that over 12 years old or so when I first started collecting Benefit Cosmetics.

Benefit actually released a rather fab Bathina Soft to Touch Hard to Get Body Oil Mist last year and as much as I love it I actually prefer more of a fragrance mist so Benefit Bathina All Over Me couldn’t come at a better time especially since I miss Maybe Baby so very much!

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Lush Fairy Ring Soap Review

Lush Fairy Ring Soap

Lush Fairy Ring Soap is a new, limited edition soap launching this week with the Lush Halloween 2014 Collection. I get terribly excited when Lush launches a new soap as I really enjoy their soap collection. Plenty of lather, skin softening ingredients, what more could a girl want?

Oh, I know, a soap shaped like a mushroom!