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Philosophy Shower Gel Sweets Ornament for Holiday 2013

Philosophy Shower Gel Sweets Ornament

I admit I think this Philosophy Shower Gel Sweets Ornament ($18) is darling and perfect for me. Why? Because I really need to downsize my massive apocalypse now Philosophy Shower Gel stash. I’m the Muse, I’m addicted to body washes and shower gels.

I’ve actually given up the cause and promised myself that I will NOT purchase anymore shower gels until the year 2050 because at this point I can wash a nation with the amount I’ve collected.

Woe is me…

I can say yes, however, to the Philosophy Shower Gel Sweets Ornament. I mean, it’s only single use gels…that doesn’t count right?


Juicy Couture La La Eau de Parfume Review

Juicy Couture La La

So maybe Juicy is a little too sweet for you might I tempt you with Juicy Couture La La Eau de Parfume in that case? This quiet little fragrance is for those who thought the original Juicy fragrance was a shy too sweet…!

Playful floral notes mixed with a delicate blend of sparkling mandarin make this a perfect scent for those who want their perfume to turn heads but not necessarily overwhelm or shout out when you enter into a room!

Take a peek!

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Softsoap Holiday 2013 Body Washes

Soft Soap Holiday 2013 Body Washes

Wintermint Snowfall and Sparkling Berry Bubbly Softsoap Holiday 2013 Body Washes will be popping into Walmart shortly….as soon as October kids.

Check ’em out!

I know I want ’em!


Villainess Apple Soap Collection for Fall 2013

Villainess Apple Soap Collection

Contrary to the misguided belief we are headed into the Holidays we are just starting the Fall season. Don’t let K-Mart or my blog fool you! This isn’t the Holidays, this is Harvest! It’s Halloween! It’s time for pumpkins, spice, everything nice, and oh yes, apples!

And to celebrate that wonderful season I bring to you today a selection of fine soaps from my VERY FAVORITE e-tailer, Villainess.

Take a look especially if you love apples!


Lush UK Halloween 2013 Collection

Lush UK Halloween 2013 Collection

I’m not sure what to expect from Lush NA this year but the Lush UK Halloween 2013 Collection has launched (I suspect we’ll see the exact same collection here in the US with hopefully some Halloween retro items as well).

I’m quite excited as I adore Halloween so anything in beauty that relates to it gives me two of my fixes. Halloween and beauty…loves.