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Soap & Glory Holiday 2013 Gift Sets

Soap & Glory Holiday 2013 Gift Sets

Well kids, although it’s been a while since I’ve shown the love I must say I am loving Soap & Glory Holiday 2013 Gift Sets. Typically the first shop on my Holiday list is my dear sister. She’s my best friend, my partner in crime, she’s the yang to my yin…! So of course, when the Holidays come around I spoil her as rottenly as she spoils me and that includes plenty of Soap & Glory loving!

You think I love S&G? It isn’t nuttin’ compared to my sister’s love for the brand so the first place I stop on Thursday and into Cyber Friday is Soap & Glory to score some cool sets for my sis.

And this year there’s plenty to choose from including a peppermint flavor Great Kisser, a gloss set, and a butter trio plus many more goodies.

Load up your carts and share the cheer of Soap & Glory Holiday 2013 Gift Sets!


Lush Demon in the Dark Soap Review

Lush Demon in the Dark Soap

A little Lush Demon in the Dark Soap to haunt your shower this Halloween? Lush Demon in the Dark Soap is a long time fan favorite that gets a repromote for the Halloween season as Lush prepares you to meet their Halloween Collection entitled “Creatures of the Baaaaaaaath”.

Have you ever used Lush Demon the the Dark? If not you’re in for a treat.


Lush Pumpkin Bubble Bar Review

Lush Pumpkin Bubble Bar

He’s not the great pumpkin but the Lush Pumpkin Bubble Bar is cute as hell. Squishy, smooshed, and squashed this little guy wants to add a little Halloween love to your bath this year!

Take a look!


Lush Christmas/Holiday 2013 Collection UK Launch

Lush Christmas Holiday 2013 Collection

Yup, you read that right, the Lush Christmas/Holiday 2013 Collection has launched in the UK today! w00t! No worries it’ll pop up here in the US shortly but for now, if you want, you can go right ahead and order from Lush UK as they do indeed ship worldwide.

Let’s see what they have in store for us (why yes I am rubbing my hands together gleefully!).


Philosophy Shower Gel Sweets Ornament for Holiday 2013

Philosophy Shower Gel Sweets Ornament

I admit I think this Philosophy Shower Gel Sweets Ornament ($18) is darling and perfect for me. Why? Because I really need to downsize my massive apocalypse now Philosophy Shower Gel stash. I’m the Muse, I’m addicted to body washes and shower gels.

I’ve actually given up the cause and promised myself that I will NOT purchase anymore shower gels until the year 2050 because at this point I can wash a nation with the amount I’ve collected.

Woe is me…

I can say yes, however, to the Philosophy Shower Gel Sweets Ornament. I mean, it’s only single use gels…that doesn’t count right?