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The New DKNY MYNY Fragrance

DKNY MYNY Fragrance

New York the city I love why not celebrate that love with the new DKNY MYNY Perfume. The DKNY MYNY Fragrance celebrate the energy of New York with a new perfume inspired by the heart beat of the city!

The DKNY MYNY Eau de Parfum combines both playful and bold notes of fruity raspberries with crisp green notes and accents of pink pepper built around a sensual sultry blend of jasmine, freesia, and orris and a beating heart of patchouli with a creamy vanilla absolute musk dry down!

This new fragrance is as unique as the city she was inspired by!


Notes: Raspberry, Galbanum, Pink Pepper, Egyptian Jasmine, Freesia, Orris, Patchouli Heart LMR, Vanilla Absolute, Creamy Musks, Ambergris.

The new spirited DKNNY MYNY fragrance is available now on counters and at Sephora,, and Ulta and

I’m eager to sniff it as I’m a fan of many of the DKNY fragrances!

Are you curious?


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Lush Fruity Beauty Shower Gel for Summer 2014

Lush Fruity Beauty Shower Gel

If you were to ask me what my favorite part of being a Lushie is, I’d tell you shower gel! That’s why I’m ever so excited about the new Lush Fruity Beauty Shower Gel for Summer 2014!


Lush D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap for Summer 2014

D Fluff Shaving Soap

Lush D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap is for the chicks (and for the lads that shave their legs) that enjoy shaving with a lotion of a shaving soap. My sister is a strong believer, supporter, and proselytiser of shaving your legs with lotion or body cream. I haven’t embraced it myself because I find lotion clogs up my razor and it’s difficult to rinse away the lotion and it just dulls my blade faster. Even though lotion really gives skin a super extra close moisturizing shave I’ll stick to shaving cream thanks very so much!

Lush D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap is a new creation that combines fresh strawberries and cocoa butter to give you a close shave.


Obsessed with Fortune Cookie Soap The Sweet Spot

Fortune Cookie Soap The Sweet Spot Perfume Oil

I happen to be obsessed with Fortune Cookie Soap The Sweet Spot! I recently tried out the Sparkle Mist Me in this delightful scent and was already familiar with it because it’s a scent that was introduced in the Grinch Holiday Collection. I was happy to see it return for Summer 2014.

This is a must have!

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