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Everybody Lush Rock Your Body Yeah!

Lush Rock Your Body

Everybody yeahhhhh rock your body! With the Lush Rock Your Body Gift Set of course. I could not resist getting in some Backstreet Boys in there. As an anti-Backstreet Boy fan and an embarressing one of New Kids circa 1900 or something along those lines I’ll happily admit that song gives me an ear worm and just makes me want to bop my head to it.

The new Lush Rock Your Body Gift Set is course includes essentials for rocking your body…or something like that.

Btw…the internet is a wonderful thing because someone posted Jedward singing Rock Your Body on YouTube. Seriously, Jedward singing it?

Freaking A people!

More deets about the set below!


Remember Calgon Hawaiian Ginger

Calgon Hawaiian Ginger

I’m a sentimental fool. You know a lot about me but not sure you know what a mush I am about remembering certain times, places, etc…I think I’ve lived a really good life up until now, filled it with many wonderful friends and people, had great adventures with more to come, and smile and laugh often. Through those years I’ve collected so many silly little mementos. I have my first driver’s permit, the bunny and wind up doll my father gave to my mother (and me) the day I was born, the first dollar the tooth fairy left under my pillow, and many more other little memories that I’ve tucked away.

When it comes to making memories beauty isn’t any exception. Certain products, colors, smells take me way back to days gone by. Calgon Hawaiian Ginger happens to be one of those products that has followed me through life for many a fine year. I’d say this goes back to my first year of college or maybe even my senior year of high school or perhaps even longer but I smell Calgon Hawaiian Ginger and it takes me WAY back.

And to this day…I still buy it.

Because it’s freaking awesome.


Ginger & Co A Soap & Glory Dupe?

Ginger & Co

Ginger & Co is a newish company that came under my beauty radar recently due to their whimsical packaging which quite reminded me of a Soap & Glory dupe.

Anyone see these products at their local Ulta yet? I haven’t to be honest but I did see them on Ulta’s website and it was a line that did make me go hmmmmmm!


Benefit Bathina Soft to Touch Hard to Get Body Oil Mist Review

Benefit Bathina Soft to Touch Hard to Get Body Oil Mist Fall 2013

Benefit Bathina Soft to the Touch Hard to Get Body Oil Mist makes an appearance this Summer for soft, silky skin. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Benefit Crescent Row Fragrances but I have a super soft spot in my heart for Bathina.

Bathina was probably one of my first experiences with Benefit! I was drawn in by her retro vintage pin up girl look! As a fan of Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese it’s easy enough to fall in love with Bathina isn’t it?

Bathina returns this year in the form of a new body oil mist! If you love Benefit Maybe Baby (I miss B Spot bring it back, bring it back!) I think you’ll adore this new mist.


Bodycology Naughty & Nice Fragrance Mists

Bodycology Naughty & Nice Fragrance Mists

Are you naughty or nice? Bodycology Naughty & Nice Fragrance Mists are available in Sweet Seduction and Sweet Addiction for the Fall 2013 beaut budget shopper.

Take a peek!