Shower Gel

Caress Endless Kiss Silkening Body Wash Caress Passionate Spell Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Wash Review

Caress Passionate Spell Body Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Wash and Caress Endless Kiss Silkening Body Wash are two new luxurious budget body washes popping up at drugstores now.

Ok, I admit it, I’m a shower gel hoarder.

Yes. I am.

But you can so afford to be that person who hoards a variety of shower gels at this price. Caress Body Washes are as little as three dollars and fifty cents and offer a little piece of luxury for pennies.

Who doesn’t love a great beauty budget shower gel?


Philosophy Harvest Spice Shower Gel Review

My shower is bursting with the warm, spicy scent of Philosophy Harvest Spice. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t Christmas yet…it’s still very Fall which is why I’m taking full advantage of this lovely little shower gel!



Philosophy Autumn Air Shower Gel Review

Can we just take a second to fall back into Fall for a second? With all the discussion of Holiday, I’m not enjoying my favorite season nearly enough.

Philosophy Autumn Air Shower Gel can take me back.



Philosophy Marshmallows for Toasting Shower Gel Review

I’m not a die hard marshmallow fan but I will say that marshmallows rolled in toasted coconuts I can’t get enough. Nom! And of course, melted marshmallows are just amazing… can reenact campfire marshmallow toasting by slipping one on a fork and holding it over an open stove flame, now that is some tasty stuff!

The new Philosophy Marshmallows for Toasting Shower Gel makes my tummy grumble for those fluffy little buggers!



Philosophy Maraschino Cherry Lemonade Shower Gel Review

I’m kinda mad at Philosophy.

Just when I convince myself I won’t be pulled back in their shower gel game, I get suckered back in. It’s like the shower gel mafia!

Recently, they started doing a super limited range of shower gels. Now, limited edition, can’t be taken seriously anymore in the beauty world. At one time, beauty junkies would quake in fear when someone even uttered the words LE. We’d all hoard away dupes of LE products and never pull them out of our beauty vaults.

But “limited edition” is tossed around to casually nowadays and gone are the days where we have to hoard dupes of products, makeup collections, etc…since stuff rarely sells out and that LE run is long……like years….introduce it today as Limited Edition and come back around the same time next year and that shiz will still be around on the shelf.

But Philosophy kicked LE back old school style with their Shower Gel of the Month Club at QVC. Each month, Philosophy introduces one single new shower gel that’s available for a single month before disappearing for good…! It all started out with Lively Lemon Coconut…!

Flash forward a few months and Summer brings Philosophy Maraschino Cherry Lemonade…

Moral of the story?

Get it now why the getting is good because it’ll be gone REALLY soon!