Lush Reindeer Rock Soap Review

Lush Reindeer Rock Soap

Lush Reindeer Rock Soap is an absolute must have for Comforter fans because it indeed smells exactly like Lush Comforter!

I remember when I first smelled Comforter…it took me back to when I was about 7 or 8 years old and my mom brought me a Hello Kitty Pencil Box and a Hello Kitty Eraser. That eraser smells wonderful! I’ve since associated it with the smell of Sanrio!

To me, Comforter, and the new limited edition Lush Reindeer Rock Soap, smells like Sanrio and Hello Kitty erasers.


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Lush Baked Alaska Soap Review

Lush Baked Alaska Soap

Lush Baked Alaska Soap doesn’t really smell like Baked Alaska. When I was a child I always thought Baked Alaska was a fancier named for baked apples. My mom used to place apples in foil with cinnamon, sugar, and spices and bake them. They would come out of the oven all deliciously Fall and yummy! And for some reason I always associated them with Baked Alaska. No idea why?!

Needless to say when I was older and tried Baked Alaska for the first time it was nothing like those tasty apples and if anything was even more decadent.

Lush Baked Alaska Soap is a lot like those apples I had mistaken for an ice cream cake because this little soap is deceiving. There’s no ice cream here, no meringue, there is however, a tart, citrus-y treat that will make your nose tingle in happiness!


Fortune Cookie Soap Old Fashioned Family Christmas Soap Box

Fortune Cookie Soap Old Fashioned Family Christmas Soap Box

The Fortune Cookie Soap Old Fashioned Family Christmas Soap Box should be winging it’s way to your mail box this week! Fortune Cookie Soap releases a seasonal soap which is $19.99 (every three months) and 8 deluxe size samples of the latest Fortune Cookie Soap Seasonal Collection as well as a $10 Gift Card that can be redeemed online.

If you e-mail Soapbox you might be able to get in on the Fortune Cookie Soap Old Fashioned Family Christmas Soap Box still! Or sign up for the next seasonal boxes at

Here’s a look at what’s inside this year’s Holiday 2014 Box!


Lush Fairy Ring Soap Review

Lush Fairy Ring Soap

Lush Fairy Ring Soap is a new, limited edition soap launching this week with the Lush Halloween 2014 Collection. I get terribly excited when Lush launches a new soap as I really enjoy their soap collection. Plenty of lather, skin softening ingredients, what more could a girl want?

Oh, I know, a soap shaped like a mushroom!


Lush Mangnificent Soap Review

Lush Mangnificent Soap

Lush Mangnificent Soap is a newly launched body soap from our friends at Lush that’s a fun pick for those who like a lightly scented soap. Too many times I hear people complain about Lush giving them a headache. What?! I love me some Lush and can’t say that I’ve ever experienced a headache from it. But I appreciate that some folks are pretty sensitive to heavily fragrance products.

Lush Mangnificent Soap is just the pick up for those types of people!

Take a pick!