Lush Parsley Porridge Soap Review

Lush Parsley Porridge Soap

Lush Parsley Porridge Soap ($6.95) couldn’t arrive at a better time as this is a great one for those with drier legs, elbows, and knees! And since Summer is here you’re likely showing off those legs and arms considerably more and you want them in tip, top shape smooth and nice and soft right?

Well Lush Parsley Porridge Soap is here to help!

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Fortune Cookie Soap Candle Aisle Summer 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Candle Aisle Summer 2014

Join Fortune Cookie Soap for the launch of their new Summer 2014 entitled Candy Aisle which will be available for purchase on May 23rd at 6:30 CST.

Fortune Cookie Soap had a Candy Aisle Soap Box available which included sample sizes of each of the newest items in this collection. The set has 8 deluxe sizes including a $10 gift card to spend as you want on their website. Unfortunately it sold out but if you’re interested you can go ahead and sign up for the next seasonal box and you can learn more by visiting

Let’s take a look at the Fortune Cookie Soap Candy Aisle Summer 2014 Collection!


Fortune Cookie Soap Vivid Bar Soap Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Vivid Bar Soap

After trying out Vivid Body Mist I immediately knew I had to get me some other Vivid scented products from Fortune Cookie Soap! I love me some sweet, fruity fragrances and Fortune Cookie Soap Vivid Bar Soap is a big old sweet smelling chunky of glittery soap.

Yeah, it caters to both my need for fruity sweet scents and GLITTER! Glitter in the shower? Bring that on!


Lush Carrot Soap Review

Lush Carrot Soap

Lush Carrot Soap was launched with the Lush Easter 2014 Collection and contrary to it’s name it doesn’t technically smell like a carrot. Although, thinking about it, perhaps that wouldn’t be an entirely bad thing right? I like carrots, they smell kinda ok, I wouldn’t mind a carrot scented soap….!


Lush Neon Love Soap Review

Lush Neon Love Soap

Get ready for Valentine’s Day 2014 with a little Lush Neon Love Soap. Just launched and available for a limited time this sounded quite promising made fresh passion fruit juice as well as soya yogurt to nourish your body and notes of citrus, cinnamon leaf oil, and rosewood boy did it sound promising.

Reviews read how cinnamon-y and delicious it smelled but..