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Lunasol Modeling Beige Skin Review & Swatches

Lunasol Modeling Beige Skin1

Lunasol Modeling Beige Skin is a new, innovative base product that recently launched in Japan that was inspired by Lunasol’s popular Skin Modeling Eyes Beige Beige.

They call the effect of this a mannequin or model skin finish. Hmmm mannequin skin? Is that a thing now? That idea scared me a bit but having great experience with Lunasol foundations and other base products I suspected Modeling Beige Skin would be fantastic.

Shall we see?


5 New Beauty Products to Try from Korea

new korean beauty makeup

We’re kinda in between seasons at the moment! Almost all the Spring Collections are up and out and Summer is just starting to arrive…hell, before you know it Fall 2014 Makeup Collections will be at us!

Spring 2014 is well past in Korea but Summer 2014 Makeup Collections haven’t really hit as of yet but there are still many new offerings popping up in Korea daily.

Here are 5 New Beauty Products to Try from Korea.


Jill Stuart Summer 2014 Makeup Collection

Jill Stuart Summer 2014 Makeup Collection

Oh lovely day! The Jill Stuart Summer 2014 Makeup Collection has launched Japan! It’s a stunning aquatic themed collection with soft shades of aqua, yellow, and peach for eyes with a delicate sweep of pink and peach for cheeks.

I likely won’t indulge as some of these shades are a little too pastel for me but I did so enjoy looking at all these beautiful pieces!

Take a look!


Tis the Season for SPF


Dr Jart BB Radiance Beauty Balm Review & Swatches

Dr Jart BB Cream Radiance Beauty Balm

Dr Jart BB Radiance Beauty Balm ($42) is the least BB Cream to launch to the Dr Jart Collection available at Sephora. Dr Jart is one of the first Korean brands to launch a BB Cream at Sephora and I love that since the original launch in 2013 that the brand continues to grow and release new products.

Dr Jart is massively popular in Korea and the line is a good deal more extensive compared to what we get here. But I have noticed that soon after products launch in Korea a very short time later we get the same launch. This happened with the incredible Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream and Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid.

I haven’t been following Dr Jart’s Korean releases lately but I believe they already had a Radiance BB Cream available! I’m actually not a huge lover of radiance style foundations, bases, BB Creams…! I did however, want to review and swatch this product since so many reader’s had asked after it so purchased it for that reason.

Take a look!