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B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful Holiday Catalog Photos Part 2

When I started my little project to photograph the entire B Never Holiday Catalog I thought it would be done in two posts…but turns out the catalog is huge so this is post number 2 and they’ll be another post shortly.


If you missed post 1 please click here.

I started this project because I was feeling nostalgic about Lush’s sister brand, B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful when I came across a Holiday Catalog from several years ago in my closet. I quickly wanted to share some of what B was since I know many of you are Lush fans but not everyone remembers B Never.

Do jump ahead to experience some more of B Never’s offerings.


MeMeMe Blush Me! Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

MeMeMe is a brand available in England which has a few products that mimic Benefit Cosmetics. Poppy Tint and Pussy Cat Tint are two such products that are dupes for Benefit Benetint and Posietint.

The latest Benefit dupe from MeMeMe? Their Blush Me! Blushes are quite reminiscent of Benefit Bella Bamba and Coralista!

Let’s take a look!


B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Holiday Catalog Photos

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful was the glamorous side of Lush Cosmetics. Old school Lush fans will take note that items from B Never’s catalog have popped up from time to time at Lush and most recently in the Gorilla Fragrance Collection.

I’ve loved B with all my heart and was really crushed when they closed shop.

Le Sigh…!

I was cleaning out my makeup closet recently for Fall and I came across one of B Never’s old Holiday Catalogs and I really wanted to share it with you so I took a ton of pictures but damn I need to do this one in two parts.

So do jump ahead to enjoy some of what B Never offered us!



Sleek MakeUp Me, Myself & Eye I-Divine Palette

Tis here!

The new Sleek MakeUp Me, Myself & Eye I-Divine Palette! Learn more about the palette by clicking here.

Available now at (Sleek Makeup ships to the US).


Sleek MakeUP Pout Paints Review, Swatches, Photos

Pout, pout, let it all out…

Sorry, I have these crazy little moments in life where I feel the need to replace 80’s song lyrics with my own beauty ones!

Sleek MakeUP Pout Paint recently launched in a range of 12 shades.

Pout Paint brings to the table an intensely pigmented lip product with a long lasting satiny finish.

Take a look!