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Soap & Glory Available at Sephora.com But It Comes At A Higher Cost!

Soap Glory

Soap & Glory has launched at Sephora.com officially!

Of course, I immediately had to do a little price comparing because I was curious what the retail would look like during this big move to their new retailer.

Here are my thoughts, you might not be so surprised…!


Sleek Makeup Free Shipping Offer

Sleek Makeup Free Shipping Offer 001


Happy Weekend!

For those of you wanting to indulge in Sleek Makeup’s new Pout Paint or just want to try the brand in general (they have incredible shadow palettes) you can get Free Shipping up until Midnight Tonight (BST Time Zone) with ever $75 purchase.

Sleek Makeup Free Shipping Offer 002

Shipping is a bit costly from Sleek to the US so this is a nice deal however Sleek’s makeup is so inexpensive you’ll end up with a major haul on your hands so you might wanna ask a friend or two to join in on a purchase or visit your local makeup forum haunt and see if anyone wants to do a group purchase so you can maybe spend $20 or $30 and one or two other friends can do the same.

Take advantage of it now at by visiting www.sleekmakeup.com and using promo code USA75


Sleek Makeup Pout Paint Swatches

Sleek Makeup Pout Paint Swatches 001

Swatches of the new Sleek Makeup Pout Paint anyone?

Today Sleek Makeup released their brand new Pout Paint which is an intensely pigmented lipstick like product.

Take a little sneak peek at some swatches (review coming shortly).


Sleek Makeup Pout Paint

Sleek Makeup Pout Paint

OOC Lip Tar gets some super amazing air time across the blogsphere but I haven’t actually tried it. So scared of something for my lips that has tar in the title, hold me please?

If you’re a fan of the product you might be anxious to try out the new Sleek Makeup Pout Paint I recently told you about.

They launched today!

Check it!


What’s New from Soap and Glory?

Soap and Glory New Products

I miss you Soap and Glory but the Fall is nearing and you did promise to tell me all about your new retailer of choice here in the US come the cool weather.

For now, I’ll keep myself comforted with your latest offerings from the UK and daydream about the time I can purchase you right here in the states again!