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Hydrating Facial Mists Recommendations

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I happen to be a complete facial mist junkie and I’m pretty sure Lady Cassandra is one too. I admit I do imitate Cassandra’s British accent and mutter a haughty “Moisturize me, Moisturize Me!” as I spritz myself with my favorite facial mist. What I’m easily amused, sue me.

Facial mists come and go through my life like my very favorite JuJu Cosmetics White Peach Skin Whitening Mist which I have to restock up on soon! But for the most part I come back to two very important facial mists again and again and again because they never fail me.


Ettusais Princess Red Collection Takes on Snow White’s Look

Ettusais Princess Red Collection

The Ettusais Princess Red Collection for Spring 2014 takes on a Snow White Look which is unexpected as it seems more like a Winter-y look with bright red lips, flushed red cheeks, and a bright white complexion!

But none the less this is a cute little collection that recently launched in Japan.


Why Yes, Jill CC Cream Is Now Available In Japan This Week

Jill Stuart CC Cream Spring 2014

If you were wondering when Jill Stuart was going to jump on the BB Cream wagon, well forget it. They just skipped to the CC Cream wagon. Launching in Japan (I already have it nanner nanner nanner) on February 28th from my understanding the new Jill Stuart Airy Tint CC Cream will be available in two shade choices.

Take a peek!

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It’s Ok To Want the Anna Sui Lip Crayon Because They Are Pretty

anna sui Lip Crayon

I get it, the Anna Sui Lip Crayons are rather pretty, so pretty I just want them for that reason alone.

I never did not admit to purchasing makeup just because I loved the packaging, it’s happened, it happens, often, on occasion, sometimes…



Lavshuca Lav Fake Cheek Color Review & Swatches

lavshuca lav fake winter 2013

Lavshuca Lav Fake Cheek Color is a blush, lip color, and eyeshadow all in one that was released in Japan this Winter for a limited time. No worries, although limited edition most online sellers still have Lav Fake available for purchase on E-bay shops.

Take a look!

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