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Beauty Story Platinum Gold Leaf Anti-Aging Eye Mask Review

Beauty Story Platinum Gold Leaf Anti Aging Eye Mask 1

You’ve heard plenty about my obsession concerning Asian Sheet Masks but not alot about my other passion, Asia Eye Masks.

Eye Masks are along the same vein as a sheet mask since most are made of a thin cotton-like fiber which is saturated with a formula that treats puffiness, brightens the eye area, etc…

Beauty Story Platinum Gold Leaf Anti-Aging Eye Mask supposedly contains gold foil…why do I doubt that?

Let’s take a look!


Face Q Grape Seed & Green Tea Mask Review

Face Q Grape Seed Green Tea Mask 2

Face Q makes a whimiscal collection of facial sheet masks along the same vein as My Beauty Diary. Cute packaging aside their masks are generally good but they suffer from one major downfall.

Let’s take a look at the Grape Seed & Green Tea formulation and learn more about the quirk that keeps it from being perfect!


Lush Forum Exclusive Fragrances for Holiday 2011

Lush Forum Exclusive Fragrances for Holiday 2011 2

Lush UK had their traditional Forum Party this week and like any party they have pre-Christmas it includes several exclusive Forum Fragrances!


I’m not nearly as active as I used to be on the forums but I’ve been ordering the exclusive fragrances for at least 8 years or so now since they are unique blends that Lush doesn’t normally do.

Take a look!


Lioele Vita Shake Pack Review

Lioele Vita Shake Pack 1

My skin isn’t only dry it’s dull. As hell.

Anyone with dry skin have the same problem? I just have such lackluster skin if I don’t keep on it by using masks, good moisturizer, and weekly scrubs.

I’m always looking for the next best thing to ease the dullness which is why I picked up Lioele Vita Shake Pack.


Biore Make-Up Remover Gel Review

Biore Make Up Remover Gel 1

Sigh it’s such sadness we don’t get nearly half the Biore Collection here in the US. The Eastern market features a range of not only skincare but even shower gels and soaps….

Damn shame we get around 7 or 8 products and that’s about it.

Biore Make-Up Remover Gel is one product you won’t find in drugstores here in the US but you might want to track it down if you have a larger Asian community in your city.

Check it!